The Ham and Cheese sandwich

I will never look at a ham and cheese sandwich the same way again.

I heard the results of a poll on the radio today;ย  Irelands sexiest accent. Believe it or not for such a tiny country the range of accents here is vast. It has 32 counties which, for the purposes of the poll, translated to 32 accents. But as of today there is only one worth listening to, the Donegal accent. It came out on top by an overwhelming majority.

I happen to be the proud owner of one such Donegal accent. So dim the lights, put on the Barry White Lp and I’ll tell you what happened when I stopped for lunch today.

Sometimes I bring a packed lunch with me, courtesy of my wife, but today I decided to splash out. I pulled in to a Service Station (Gas Station to some), parked up and made my way to the Deli counter. It was lunch time for most so there was a small queue. I made small talk with a guy next to me until my turn came.

“Hello, can get you something eat?” She was obviously foreign. French I think. Her accent was nice.

“Yes, a ham and cheese sandwich please.”

“First I make sandwich then I tell you price,” she informed me.

“Okay, thats great.” I don’t like to stare when somebody is doing their job so I did my usual shuffle, looking at the ground, and left her to it. When I did look up again she was still standing there looking at me.

“Would you like Sandwich?” she asked again.

I nodded “Ham and cheese, please.”

And again she goes “First I make sandwich then I tell you price.”

And again I go “Great stuff. Ham and cheese, please.”

She smiled (wow, definitely French) “You not understand. First I make…”

Just then her co-worker leaned over and in a County Sligo accent said “He wants a ham and cheese sandwich.”

Well, the French femme opened her throat and laughed like she had just heard the best joke in the world, ever! She explained that she thought I kept asking “How much ees sandwich?” It was funny.

Hearing is one of the five senses and just like the taste buds the ears know what they like when they hear it. I like the French accent. In fact I like all accents. My own ears are numb to the Donegal accent because I hear it every day in my home county. But at least now I know that all I have to do is speak and the sandwich makers of Ireland will be like butty in my hands.

Thank you for reading


10 thoughts on “The Ham and Cheese sandwich

  1. That’s too funny. Accents indeed. You’d go nuts around here. Cajun accents. Yikes. I would so love to be in Ireland. Great story. You didn’t say how the sandwich was though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I can’t even understand the Cajon accent and I live in the South. lol My ears aren’t tuned to various accents so at times I just nod like one of those dumb dolls on a dash board. Love your story.

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  4. Funny. USA has about a million English accents as well. West coast and East coast are like completely different countries over here. New York, southern accents, California accents, hick & country accents … the accents are endless!!! By the way, I do LOVE your accent. The first time I heard it was on the water bucket challenge on facebook. Apparently, it’s because you are in the top sexiest accents in Ireland, who knew!! Ha!! Great piece Frankie.

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