Amazing forgiveness


“What mercy can there be for me, a wretch?”

Those words were uttered by an athiest onboard a sailing ship in 1748. The ship was being ripped to shreds by a north Atlantic storm. There was a hole in the hull and she was taking on water. After hours of bailing out water he cried “Lord have mercy on us.” The words surprised even him.

On the 8th of April 1748 the wind blew the ship to Ireland, to my town, to safety.

The man was a slave trader. He later went on to change his ways and write the song Amazing Grace. You can research the rest of his story if you are intersted.

The part I find amazing is that song sounds best when it is sung, not by white people, but by those whose ancestors were once the enslaved. Such forgiveness! Such inspiration!

I live in a town called Buncrana. I run on the beach were he would have kissed the ground. I can sometimes feel what he felt, Grace.

And sometimes I just feel exhausted.

Thank you for reading


17 thoughts on “Amazing forgiveness

  1. This has been one of my favorite hymns since I was a child. I’ve known the story since then as well, and it adds new meaning every time I hear it. Thanks for calling attention to it.

    • No i didn’t see it but i saw ’12 Years’ and ‘Roots’ when I was a kid. I must get around to seeing it.
      Yes he crashed here. And it wasn’t even St Patrick’s day. 😉
      Thank you Martha.

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