I enjoy the daily prompts. But when I read today’s prompt, to mention a song that reminds me of a different time and place I wanted to pretend I didn’t see it. I went on to read lots of other posts from those I follow. But I don’t like quitting. I can’t resist a challenge.

This song reminds me of my third daughter. In 2001 her name was called. The lyrics are very very similar to what I would have shouted after her as she walked the tunnel.

Sorry for short post.

thank you for reading


i hope a youtube link appears below to a U2 song called Walk On



11 thoughts on “Jane

    • Thanks Cheryl. She’s in a better place. Did not plan on mentioning her here at all. But to name any other song as having meaning to me would have been a lie. I couldn’t deny her her moment of fame. It was the least I could do.
      Signing off tonight. New day tomorrow. Cheers Cheryl.

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