If anybody asks, you didn’t see me.

Edible Self Help books, now there’s an idea.

I am starting a new religion. My followers will write big chunky books about me, about the great things I’ve said and done. Thousands of years from now people of my religion will argue with people from other religions. They will post meaningful photos on social media sites with little quotes from me attached.

I will be long gone and they will still be debating my words. I’ll admit, my religion is hard work. Mere meditation won’t cut it. I will expect my folllowers to be all talk and little action. It will be called Hypocrisy and my followers will be called Hypocrites. It will eventually smother all existing religions. People will know what is important in this life.  “Self”  help books will be flying off the shelves like hot cakes. The world will live in peace and harmony under one….small group who know what’s best for all souls, all spirits.

oscar clappingchildhelp sign


20 thoughts on “If anybody asks, you didn’t see me.

    • I’m a better brother than I am father 😉
      Going to be speaking about the homeless on our national radio station tomorrow. Just got a phone call today. Must scribble down a few notes.
      Since 2007 these coincidences and synchronicities happen on a daily basis. I have my own theory as to why. Nice to know there is more to this world than meets the eye.
      Cheers sister Cheryl

      • I so wish I could hear that program. God’s speed. Indeed it is the miraculous which keeps our feet from treading too heavily upon the path. And yes, oh so much more to this world and beyond than we can fathom…….I could use a brother. :))

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