First Experience

If any tourists out there are considering a trip to Ireland, not just to meet the most handsome truckers on earth, but to take a look around the country maybe give this newcomer to blogging a follow and offer advice. She is easy to read, even for truckers.

Jackie's World Travel


My first experience to a foreign country was my honeymoon to Ireland. When I went there I didn’t quite know what to expect and honestly hadn’t done a lot of research on it. It was our honeymoon vacation, so I was much more preoccupied with the wedding prior to leaving. My husband always teases me by telling people that I thought Ireland was going to have horse and buggies on dirt roads and men running around in top hats or something. This is a great exaggeration on his part, but to be honest I was very shocked and surprised to see how modern it was. I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but all I know is I didn’t think it would be so much like it is in my own country. Once we went out of Dublin and toured the countryside, I saw more what of what…

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9 thoughts on “First Experience

    • Thanks Leonardette. Jackie started last week. I found her blog when I searched ‘Ireland’ in the reader.
      Hey, this reader sure does take a lot of time, apart from writing, although I am slowish reader.

      • I never seem to have time for the reader. I already have so many blogs I follow. When the digest comes through on Mondays it takes me two days to get through it! I found you through DailyWrite I believe. I love meeting people through the comments section on blogs. It is so random like that. I really want to support new bloggers. I spent the better part of half a year with not a lot of support. It’s tough to keep sharing when you feel no one is listening. Good luck with the Reader. Enjoy!

      • Did you subscribe to get weekly updates? If so, that is when they come out. You will see a lot of activity on Mondays and for some reason on Fridays for some folks. Good luck and have fun. Sometimes you just have to push the end button and walk away. Yeahh…that’s what I hear. lol

  1. I’d love to visit some day! This post reminded me of the movie ‘Leap Year’. Rachel McAdams flies to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend cos apparently that’s the leap year tradition in Ireland. I watched it twice just cos I loved the Irish male lead’s accent! Oh now that reminds of how much I enjoy Chris O’Dowd! Ok. I have a thing for the Irish accent. And Chris O’Dowd.

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