Fancies not Fancys

Isn’t the human mind an amazing thing? I think so anyway.

First thing this morning before I got out of bed I had a flashback of a spelling mistake on last night’s post. I could see it plain as day. As if my mind had recorded the mistake like the Engine management system in a car. The little orange light then pops up the next time you start the engine. Not as serious as the red Oil light but there to bring your attention to a little misfire which left unchecked could be the start of a bigger problem.

I am sure you have the same experience from time to time. I remembered typing the word fancys and saying, subconsiously, ‘That doesn’t look right.’ But I was in the groove and typing like Dan Brown (sort of). You all know the feeling, getting the sentences down quickly before they evaporate into the eternal abyss.

It reminds me of running. Sometimes if I stop to chat to somebody or just to get a stone out of my shoe, it feels so hard to regain my tempo. In fact sometimes it can be impossible to find the rhythm for the remainder of my run.

I missed the mistake, even on the read through before I clicked the Publish button. It’s hard to explain but when I read through my own writing straight after writing it, some mistakes are invisible. The solution would be to save it to Draft and read it the following day. But the thing about me is, if I save it to Draft I will come back and hack the thing to death, changing this and that until it has lost its flow.

For me, personally, I feel the answer is to practice. Practice learning to rewire my mind on each read through. To look at the screen like somebody who has just learned to read English. How would each word affect how they recieved the message?

It’s Saturday morning and I have chores to do. I better be getting along.

Thank you for turning a blind eye, now and then, to the spelling. But do not let me off with it too often, because that’s when I get lazy.

Thank you for reading


6 thoughts on “Fancies not Fancys

  1. Huh. I missed it. No harm done.
    I write very much the same as you. Get it down first, let it flow. I read it over several times with my eyes, and several times out loud. Upon pressing the publish button, the software gives me a chance to review spelling and grammar errors. Which is more often than not the passive voice variety. Then damn the torpedos, I’m getting this thing out there, no stalling, no sober second thought, PUBLISH.
    And THEN I notice at least two or three errors.

  2. Ahh…silly me. Something like that I might have mentally passed off as a “eurpoean version” of the spelling. I have had to learn to overlook so many typos and misspellings since doing so much online work due to the diverse nature of who is out there blogging. I have the same affliction though. I will write something and my husband, ny perpetual proofreader and critic for the family, will always point out the errors, if any. The thing I hate is that the WordPress program is nasty about changing formatting and spacing if I do an edit, especially with my poetry. Sometimes a line space or indentation means a lot with the way you want something to flow. Hey, no worries Frankie. I honestly don’t remember even registering the misspelling in your post. I was too busy being amused! Were supposed to have our St Patty’s Day parade today but it is raining. šŸ˜¦ i don’t do parades in the rain. It nwould drown my camera for sure! Happy weekend!

  3. Been there! My last blunder was using “were” instead of “where”. Read it a few times and completely missed it. When I finally did notice it, it stood out like a big red stain on a new white dress. How the heck did I miss that? Couldn’t get to the edit page fast enough! šŸ™‚

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