Clap along, if you awoke at 11:11

“It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say..”

That is a line from a song my youngest girl (11) is going around the house singing. The song is called Happy. A catchy little number. I took her singing as  a prompt to write about this. I will take inspiration from the WordPress daily prompt to finsh it off.

There is an invisible entity which follows me everywhere. I first noticed it in 2007. It whispers to a part of my mind, sometimes so quietly that I cannot decipher between the whisper or my own brain generated thoughts. I think I now know what it is, or at the very least, what is at the root of it.

My gut, on the first day, was telling me it was Jesus. That’s an important point to remember. A few weeks later I googled the occurrences. Low and behold, I wasn’t alone. There were lots of others experiencing the same things.

Some claimed it was angels, others claimed it was the spirits of dead relations, others claimed it was half-angels called midwayers, some reckoned it was invisible alien beings.

I don’t know if it was their wishful imaginations or the truth, but some claimed to have conversations, during meditation, with their personal entities. I have no reason to doubt them. I have seen enough paranormal activity since 2007 to dismiss nothing.

One point, which did raise the eyebrow even further, was that most of these people were creative types; artists, musicians, writers etc. Maybe it’s just that these types use their minds differently than the average Lady Gaga wannabe. My own feeling is that we are all creative but some just haven’t discovered their talent yet, and maybe never will.

It is hard to get in touch with the inner self when everywhere we look, everything we read is telling us how we should live and think. From sinning to praying, and everything in between, there is a global standard which must be adhered to.

Even the trainee doctors are warned not to think beyond the medicine which their sponsor promotes. But when the time comes, and it will come, when the best doctor in the world can’t do any more for us, even the die-hard athiest will, I reckon, wonder on their last gasp…What if? What if there’s more?

There is a word, Synchronicity. It was first coined, about a century ago, by a man who spent most of his life thinking and philosophising. His name was Carl Jung. He was educated by a chap named Sigmund Freud. Who was in turn educated by somebody else. And fine thinkers they all turned out to be, they made the most of the grey matter.

You can check it out but Synchronicity is another word for Coincidence, basically. Synchronicity existed long before Jung invented the word. Coincidence existed long before the word, Coincidence. I am sure there was another word for it thousands of years ago.

I will get to that word shortly.

My realisation of the existence of an invisible entity started with a time on my phone (I don’t wear a watch). I would happen to look at my phone at the same time each day for a week back in 2007.  I tried everything resetting the time etc. But my hand would take on a mind of its own, reaching into my pocket and before I knew it, I was looking at it again.

Things got freaky after a couple of weeks. There were occasions where the phone would vibrate and light up at that same time. It was official, there was something hanging out with me and it wasn’t going away. It was then that I googled 11:11. It was also then I discovered I wasn’t that unique.

Lots and lots of strange things have happened since then, practically daily. So much so that it has become ‘not strange’ anymore. I will perhaps craft little blog posts about some of them from time to time.

I can see lots of you nodding in understanding. There is something big going on the world these days. More and more people are being slapped in the face with coincidences or synchronicities on a daily basis.

More and more are starting to see past the news headlines to the real truth, starting to see past the teaching to the real knowledge, starting to see past the material world to the invisible world. In short we are getting back to the truth. And the man in my About me page knows it’s happening and he knows the party is coming to an end. But they won’t go quietly.

The headlines are on the case, hijacking the phenomenon to steer your thinking back to the telly, back to the Discovery and National Geo channels, away from your inner voice. I have a feeling this will be a year for meteors. Nothing like a bit of good old fear to create chaos in the minds.

But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

I will wrap up this post before it turns into War and Peace.

This past few years I dip into the Bible when the notion takes me. It is overflowing with talk of signs and wonders. There are also warnings of false prophets. I read something in there like, “..and if they tell you ‘Come see, he is in the desert’ or ‘Come see, he is in the secret chambers’ do not believe them.”

If we are all creations of God he will let each of us know in person, when his Son touches down again. I don’t think he will need the media.

Is there a big significance to the number eleven? Maybe it’s just an eye catching number, maybe we are in the eleventh hour, maybe… I could go on and on and neither be right nor wrong. I don’t believe that this entity expects everybody to become numerologists.

In the Bible, Jesus talked about signs and divine things which the Father would bestow on us. He didn’t mention vibrating phones or philosophers or big words like Synchronicity but he did say we should become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

He also spoke of The Holy Spirit,  quite a few times in fact. That same Holy Spirit is also referred to in other religions. I feel this is the person/thing at the root of all the coincidences and synchronicities.

I read a book once which told of a twelfth century monk, Joachim, who had encountered the Holy Spirit one Easter Sunday. Knowledge was given to him that there is a Law of three in this world. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit equate to the old testement, the new testement and the new period into which we are now entering.

Oddly enough the three periods also, allegedly, tie in with the three ages Aries, Pisces and the one we are currently entering, Aquarius. The next period will, according to Joachim the monk, be the one where we will have a more direct line to God, via….The Holy Spirit.

Exciting times ahead then!

That was enough typing for three blog posts. Sorry about that.

I guess the moral is – Listen to our gut, once or twice…or even three times.

Thank you for reading,


13 thoughts on “Clap along, if you awoke at 11:11

  1. Welcome to the “bridge” Frankie. I understood every word of your post. Many of us are feeling the need to express what we understand and know is happening. We just do so differently. My novel may seem wordy or long to slme people;but there is a real message in there. I know there was a time when we heard The vouce of Eternity clearly;but the weight of being in this physical life created a barrier. That veil is disintegrating fir those who are ready. Maybe we have had about as much fun in this playground as we can stand for what was once a beuatiful garden is being desecrated. I dont worry for the Earth’s survival. She can take care of herself. Its more a mayter of how long we will be allowed to stay here as unruly, unappreciative and increasingly rude inhabitants.
    For awhile now I awake at nearly every morning around 4:15, i yhought it was a side effect of menopause or just my crazy mind always ready to work. I have read some interesting things lately about it.
    Keep looking within. Your soul knows the answers. And please keep writing to share your wisdom. Have a safe week 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl. 🙂
      I have taken a break from all the theories. For seven years solid I researched it, phew! I have found one which makes sense to my mind. And it is one that came from my soul whisperer instead of a book or video. If that makes sense.
      It’s back to having the mind of a child for me…as you can probably tell from my blog hehe
      There is no wisdom in me which isn’t already in every other person.
      My hope is that maybe somebody might think twice when the coincidences happen and take comfort from them.
      Have a safe week also 🙂

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    • No that would be the Devil. It is written that “if a wind blows through your hair…”
      🙂 kidding 🙂 couldn’t resist that.
      I believe you and if you say it was fairies then it was fairies. I remember reading your post about the telly remote control.
      A perfect example of my post came as I hit the publish button. I type on a laptop in our living room. The girls were watching a talent show. The “instant” I hit Publish the song started up on telly. Some young lad was singing it to the panel. 🙂
      Happy St Patrick’s day, joyful one!

      • I really have no idea what it is, I just say fairies because that’s not scary as saying ghosts! This presence does not feel malevolent, more playful..On Sat morning my wake up alarm went off on my cell phone even though it’s not programmed to go off on the weekends! Strange stuff only happens every coupe months. Just when I think it’s gone…something odd happens, as if they’re saying…”We’re still here!” 🙂

        Happy St Patrick” day to you too! Enjoy!

        Wow! Just had an earthquake when typing this! Gotta go!

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