St Patrick’s day is drawing to a close. There is cement still stuck to my hands. It’s the quick setting variety so I can’t linger.

In Ireland it’s a national holiday. We can do whatever we like, within reason. This year I happpened to use the day off to refurbish the bathroom in my parents house, hence the cement. It was probably safer for all that way.

There is a lot of talk about drinking and getting drunk on days like this.

I will be totally honest. I like beer. I like (love actually) the taste. Like an angel crying on my tongue.

I don’t like being drunk. But I do really enjoy that point where the mind starts to relax, feel happy, feel funny.

I wish that feeling would linger all night.

But that’s the problem with alcohol, isn’t it. It’s all nice and smooth and soft until…until…







14 thoughts on “Tipsy!

    • It was on a telly advertisement about thirty years ago for Fosters beer. An australian actor called Paul Hogan (crocodile dundee fame) was the dude in the ad who said the immortal poetic line. Thank you D’ascent.

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