Pleonasm, look that up!

Subjective. That was a word I had cause to look up in the dictionary.

You’re outraged, aren’t you. You with your varnished writing desks beside a window with a view. And your achievements framed on the walls around you.

“He didn’t know the meaning of Subjective?  Is it even legal for him to own a keypad? Haven’t we any crayons to give him.”

Anyway, I found the meaning. I was getting it mixed up with Submissive.

“Romance is Subjective,” she said.

Of course I was like thinking Hello, hello you saucy little minx.

My bad.

As it turns out this new word was just what the doctor ordered to express my perspective on today’s prompt about travel. The question was, Do I travel with a plan or do I wander about asking to get ripped off? Basically that was the question.

Travel is subjective, meaning it depends on the purpose and the destination. With online hotel booking a neccessity (to save money) these days, only a wealthy man would ‘wing it.’

Unless of course I’m on a camping trip, a different kettle of fish. Not as subjective as the city.

I suppose it’s subjective also in that it depends if you are alone or with somebody. I enjoy the outdoors, and walking, and discovering, and most importantly speaking to strangers. I can’t help it. It seems to be part of my instinct, to be chatty.

It is subjective yet again if I’m on a family holiday, with the kids, or with a group.

Travel, it’s so subjective that only a Versatile blogger could handle it. More on that later.

Thank you for reading





13 thoughts on “Pleonasm, look that up!

  1. Oh Frankie, I’d love to comment but I can’t stop laughing, gotta get up off the floor eventually. What a wonderful way to travel. Beats the hell outa “submissive”. You are so great. 😀

  2. I too would love to comment but I am currently enjoying a subjective journey to a safe haven, where I intend to have some tuna fish cooked, in the inky dark night over a burning fire. To put it pleonastically, I suppose. (Did I spell that right?)
    Well done sir.

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