Sacred Heart.


I will take a break from the silly stories for this evening’s post, if you don’t mind.

You are welcome to leave and read something else for whatever reason. But I have to get this out there, today, for some unknown reason. Maybe it will make sense to somebody.

Some of you will already know about my invisible friend, and how he teaches me things without having to put in an appearance. How he sets things up in order that I learn properly.

Today there have been too many prompts for me to ignore, and they are all begging me to tell this one story. Again, please leave if this story is not for you. I will have something light hearted tomorrow. Thank you.

About two years ago I was at Sunday Mass. I go there most, but not all Sundays. I’m only human. Like most Sundays I would daydream about this and that during the service. And to be totally honest some of my daydreams would shock even the author of Fifty Shades. I have normal daydreams also…sometimes.

On this particular Sunday my invisible friend whispered a question to me. It was so feint I thought I had come up with it myself.

Why do some people treat the wafer (host) at communion time as if it were the real thing? Surely this Body and Blood ritual has been misrepresented somewhere in the past two thousand years.

I pondered it again the very next day, driving in my truck. I wasn’t losing my religion but as usual I was questioning things like crazy. My mind is never on the road. It’s always elsewhere. Trucking is a great job for any budding philosopher. Lots of thinking time. Up here, in the cab, above the hustle and bustle. We see it all, us truckers. I can see Scotland on a clear day!

I listen to political chat shows although you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

So this day (the day after the question) the radio host took a break from the usual. He had a guest on who was talking about Padré Pio, a famous stigmatic. Incidentally there are a few alive in the world today. My aunt met one a few years back. He was also a monk.

Anyway, in the course of the conversation somebody mentions an event called The miracle of Lanciano.

In all my forty years I had never heard of this. In fact very few people get to hear about it. It’s one of those things you won’t see on telly. Because it is the polar opposite of the aim of television. I am not saying all telly is bad. But he who pays the piper calls the tune. That’s all I’m saying.

Getting back to the radio. The person told of a priest years ago in a town in Italy. He was saying Mass. At the consecration when he was holding the wafer aloft and saying the same old words, something happened. He started to doubt!

He doubted that the wafer was really the Body of Christ. He doubted that the Wine was really the Blood.

Instantly the wafer started to bleed, real blood. He dropped it onto the altar in shock. Members of the congregation ran to the altar thinking he had hurt himself. What they all witnessed was the wafer turning into a piece of flesh and the wine in the chalice turning to blood.

Samples were tested and found to be the same blood as the Turin shroud.

A scientist was given a sample of the flesh. He was told nothing of its history. He concluded that it was from the left ventricle of a human heart and that the person suffered a traumatic death.

There have been other identical miracles down through the years and in all corners of the globe. Buenos Aires, Poland, China, Japan…

I have included two videos below. But you can go and search the web yourself.

I am not a scientist. I am a trucker. All I know is that the question never entered my mind for all my forty years, until one day, and the very next day I got my answer.

I hope you get all your questions answered. There can be a time delay with the answer. But just like the old internet connections, spiritual connections are improving all the time it seems.


If this message has no meaning to you. Don’t even give it a second thought. Pass on by.

I’m still the same blogger.

Thank you for reading,


In response to

Here are two samples you won’t find on telly.

There are better quality videos of this scientist on youtube. This is only a snippet.  He was an athiest writing a book about athteism when he realised the truth.

27 thoughts on “Sacred Heart.

  1. This post brings up so topics. I think though, from my perspective, that you are addressing the question of faith here. I don’t doubt any miracles really. I get annoyed when any one faith or religion tries to lay claim to having the only “authentic” miracles and waylaying all others. But I definitely am a believer. One of my favorite blessed mother shrines(and remember I am not Catholic) is Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Her history is an amazing one. I studied it in depth after she entered my world unexpectedly via a friend on a spiritual/dream board on the internet. They even had an ophthalmologist come in to verify that the “painted” eye on the original cloth had all the depth and attributes of a real human eye. I used to question why I never saw things such as this and UFO’s or actual supernatural encounters (although I have had some intense experiences involving my deceased Mom) because, after all, I was a BELIEVER. Then it struck me. That is the very reason WHY I didn’t experience such phenomenon. I not only believe-I KNOW. So, why waste a good miracle on one who has no doubt? There are two very good books I have read, if ever you have the time. One is The Biology of Belief and the other is The Holographic Universe. If only people could realize that Science and religion are not separate things….thanks for a lovely post.
    Would that we could sit and discuss the mysteries over s pint. Or two. 😉

    • With all due respect Cheryl, I wasn’t bringing up the question of faith.
      I was telling how I asked a question and got a reply the following day. It did strengthen my belief that Jesus was who he said he was.
      I said if it wasn’t for the reader, no harm done, pass on by. 🙂
      I have read the holographic universe. I have read lots of other books. I would love to read about your belief some time. 🙂
      Don’t mention pints. I have to get up for a run in the morning 🙂

      • I’m sorry Frankie, i didn’t mean to offend. I wasn’t speaking of religious faith but just belief in something. I guess perhaps I did miss your point. Sorry about mentioning the beer. Have a good run. Damn subjectivity again…or maybe just perspective. 😦

      • Hey lose the sad face Cheryl. I am the king of shooting from the hip.I am exactly like you. I thrive on conversation. 🙂 You are my best friend on wordpress and that won’t change.
        The reason I put that “pass on” in the post is to discourage debate. It frustrates me debating faith, especially on the internet.
        It was meant for somebody. Of that I am sure.
        We’re still besties, you and me. 🙂 I’m your number one fan 🙂 And i don’t have a sledgehammer 🙂

      • Thanks. I actually hate debate and didn’t intend that to be my expression. I won’t even go buy cars with my husband. I am very glad you got your answer. Truly. Nite.

      • I want to publicly apologise to you Cheryl. I re-read your first comment this morning. I don’t know how, but I read it wrong. I think I read the first two lines and the rest was a blur.
        I am an idiot sometimes.
        I hope you accept this apology.

      • Morning Frankie,
        Thank you for reading again. I closed my device last night, took a long bath and wept like a baby thinking I had expressed myself in such a way as to offend anyone. The written word is so difficult becuase people can” t see into one another’s eyes, hear their inflections (emoticons don’t do it) or know thier heart. One thing I know is that we all have a purpose and are gifts. To Spirit, to thw world and to one another. I appreciate you as the gift that you are. When I mentioned the pint, I think it was just my easy way of saying “wish wee had more time to really talk about the mysteries of life.” Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!

  2. I have no faith and live with a man who has a strong faith. I am fascinated however reading others belief, and what they get from it. For me it is all very simple. Mind you if I do go to mass, my husbands mind wanders and he never knows the content of the gospel or readings…. I do!

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  6. Hi Frankie. Several years ago, I paid a visit to a shaman. It’s a long story, one that’s in my drafts folder. But she told me to pay attention. Pay attention to the little voices, to the signs, to the elements that repeat. For example, lately I keep coming across references to “fox”. In images, in real life, the name of a radio station, foxy lady, that sort of thing. I have no clue what it all means. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. But it startles me how often fox is demanding my attention, these days. If there is a lesson, my shaman said that it may not be immediately apparent, but with time, and often in hindsight, you will understand. So I get what you are saying here. I think.

  7. Yes it’s kinda like that.
    I notice the fox thing these days also. Songs and all.
    The sly fox, was a fable I read as a child.
    Maybe this is crazy but recently have been getting the impression the broadcasting company name stood for F**k Off Christ. Anybody’s guess really.

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