I have hit a stone wall with today’s prompt.

I don’t understand how to answer the question.

I think having values and standards is just something that happens and improves or unimproves as we go through life.

Showing compassion? I think it’s either in me or not.

Sympathetic? It’s either in me or not.

Rolling up the sleeves and helping rather than talking about helping? It’s either in me or not.

Sometimes I wish I were one way or the other but it never amounts to more than wishes. The early years form the values of a person. Isn’t there a proverb, “Show me the child and I’ll show you the man.” I believe that to be true.

So I guess most of us here are past the child stage. And by now, we are what we are!

It is probably a good question because it is so hard to answer. I guess the code I try to stick to is to remind people how special we are incase nobody ever told us.

We are not just a number. We are special. That’s my code, I guess.

See, I got there in the end!

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8 thoughts on “Instinct.

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  2. We have that story. It’s about a rattlesnake and a man 😦 I think you wrote something very profound here. I had the same problem with the prompt. True values are in us and we’re probably not even aware of what they are. I don’t choose them every day, “Well, which values will I wear today?” There are always necessary compromises (“Wow, if I don’t do what these guys tell me, I’ll lose my job and then what?” — might take a while to figure that out). I think values change, too, and I think until we’re pushed against it we don’t know much about our values. Godwilling none of us will be pushed against it. 🙂

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