Holding back the dark.

A very quick post.

My wife and myself were on a tour today with our local History/Heritage and Archaeology group.

While I was going through a few photos, just now, I spotted one which wasn’t planned but, only upon seeing it now, I think it has a message of some sort.


I was acting the maggot pretending to try straighten up the high cross. Look at the sky. Is the Lord hard at work against the dark side? Or is it a sign of rain?

This is the site of one of the first monasteries in Ireland. At first glance all that remain are two large crosses. Here is a feature from the website of my local club. It tells of a recent excavation. http://www.buncranahistory.com/wordpress/?p=976

If you are not into ancient history I understand. Personally I find it facinating, especially pre-Christian times, how they lived, thought and died.

I try to spend lots of days in places like this. Roll on summer!

Thank you for reading,


Here are some more from other places today.







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31 thoughts on “Holding back the dark.

  1. We don’t have that kind of history over here! When I lived there the “history at my fingertips” was one of the things I loved the most. I envy you brother!

      • In your neighborhood anyway, don’t mean to mislead you. I actually lived in South Bucks, England for about 4 years but had the pleasure of traveling to Ireland at least once a month while I was there. Primarily to Cork but got to take the family on holiday to the South Shore a time or two. Loved it!

  2. I love this. It was chasing the Irish in Switzerland that brought to me my story. I read Cahill’s book, How the Irish Saved Civilization. I thought it was a joke, but soon learned it wasn’t and fell into the great tunnel of medieval times. I’m NOT coming out, either. 🙂

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  4. That’s truly awesome, Frankie. The photos and excavation information are intriguing. Seeing the workers and the Irish countryside really warmed my soul. So beautiful. And your photos are lovely as well. What a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing it.

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  9. great photos 🙂 and I love history as well. It was my best subject at school. Here in Miami there is no history at all :/

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