Thank you Cheryl!

How d’ya like these apples?

I got a sweet surprise yesterday evening when my best blogging friend and total arty genius, Cheryl from, gave me this little trophy



I am totally worthy of it.

Cheryl is an all rounder. All the arts, it seems, plus she has been very very encouraging to me from day one, as have lots of other bloggers.

I genuinely thrive on encouragement. But don’t spoil me, bloggers. Make me work for it šŸ™‚

The ball is now in my court. I have been granted seven wishes. No awkward question and answer sections attached to this little trophy. All that is required is to nominate seven beautiful bloggers. (note to the male nominees – I think you are beautiful in a non scary way) Timothy offers some great advice and editing help here. Recce has the best running inspiration vids. Jen makes perfect sense. Cassidy is going places. Sue shares her grace and wisdom here. Yazmin is well worth a read. Another Timothy will help you to edit your soul.

All great blogs. It was a very hard to decide on seven. I wish it could have been seventy-seven.

Sincere thanks for reading,



19 thoughts on “Thank you Cheryl!

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