Mickey Memory.

There are times when I find myself smiling at a memory.

I will play the memory back in my mind’s eye and without realising it, I am suddenly smiling. Sometimes the memory is some random lady giving me the eye from behind the wheel of her car. A daily occurrence.

It’s usually during those type of memories my wife will go “What are you smiling at?”

Oops! But quick as a flash I go “I’m just thinking about the time we first met.”

She never buys it.

I found myself smiling at a memory today. When I was aged about eight or nine, myself and my two brothers were treated to movie called The Black Stallion.

It was a great movie. I can still see lots of the scenes quite vivid. One of them was a scene where Mickey Rooney is teaching the young lad how to ride a race horse. I can still see him with the invisble reins in his hands telling the boy how to will the horse on, faster and faster.

I found a photo of the scene on google images.


They don’t make movies like this anymore. The new Mickey Rooneys of Hollywood are teaching kids how to get even with guns, not horses.

When I think of Mickey this is always the scene I think of.  I am sure you have your favourite Rooney movie also.

And his smile! Boy o boy!


Thank you for the memory Mickey,


In response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/daily-prompt-make-me-smile/


19 thoughts on “Mickey Memory.

    • I just noticed this went in at 93 (his age) on the list. Something made me look. I think he was saying thanks. Maybe it was coincidence.
      He was fond of the ladies too, the little merchant. 🙂 Some jockey!
      I better get an early night for once. Thanks brother.

  1. Nice tribute, Frankie. He was a brilliant soul. I will always remember him for his younger days and watching the old black and white musicals with my Mom that she loved so much. He and Judy Garland were always going to “put on a show!” Good times in Hollywood. The Black Stallion is a wonderful tale, as is The Red Pony. Thanks for the memories to smile about. 🙂

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  9. One of the most prolific actors in the movie industry with more than 300 films to his credit, Rooney’s work spanned from acting in silent films to more recent blockbusters like 2011’s THE MUPPETS. Rooney won two Oscars® during his acting tenure, one early in his career in 1939 and the latter, in 1982, when he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his 50 years of memorable film performances.

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