3 in 1. I hope.

I hope you are sitting down.  The shock may be too much.

I am a mere mortal. Yes, you read that right, just flesh and bone like you.

I have signed up for another Marathon on June 1st in Derry. That’s about six weeks away but my training has gone to the dogs since I took up blogging. I have a lot of catching up to do.

I have to get the finger out. I need to get back to running twice a day. That means bed by ten and up at six.

I just realised tonight that I follow 120 blogs! I enjoy the reading but everything else is suffering. Running, writing a bestseller, DIY, gardening, etc and all that with an 8 to 4 job in the middle. I have been burning the candle at both ends.

I overheard two of my neighbours speaking about me, the other day.

“Frankie’s house is practically falling down around him, it needs painted, the lawn is knee high, he has bags under his eyes and he’s getting the beer belly back again.” Said one.

“Yeah, but he is a well read man.”

In truth, I didn’t overhear that but I’ll bet that’s what they think.

I am sure all you bloggers have had to make significant changes also.

My plan is this.

I hope to continue to read as many blogs as I can each evening. But I will only post maybe every second or third day. I hope to incorporate the two or three daily prompts into the single post.

I think the prompts are great practice. Just like running, the more one does  it, the easier it gets.

I value any followers or likers or commenters and I will endeavour to hold your attention with my posts. This change of my routine may perhaps go unnoticed to most but I am bringing you up to speed (pun intended) just incase.

One more thing. Windows xp has become obsolete today. My trusty Laptop runs on it. This gave me the excuse to splash out on a new one today. I went for one of those mini laptop/chromebook numbers. Cheap yes, but very versatile, very liebster, and very beautiful, like a certain trucker. It will suit me fine.


It also has a long battery life so I can take it with me to make magic on my lunch break and on long straight stretches of road…ahem.

Thank you for reading,


In response to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/prompt-wasted-days/

Candle pic from etoro.com

42 thoughts on “3 in 1. I hope.

  1. One the reasons that you run marathons is so that you can have beer all day. That’s right – it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Run safe, run hard, run long Frankie. All the best.

  2. Go Frankie!! Can you see me here with my pom poms out to cheer you on? Time to huff it back to the front of the crowd. I understand about the writing. I have never been one to do a post every day. Too much else going on, but sometimes I can hit it a few days in a row. Most people I think post weekly-or when they can. And every time you hit the door and go on an adventure, well, there is more to write about isn’t there? I’ll be kind of absent in the days to come myself, taking a trip up to ‘grandma land’ to visit all the new little ones and then its on to packing. ick. But the end is worth the work. Good luck!! I, for one, will be waiting loyally for that next humorous, heartfelt story that seems to come so easily from you to us.
    Cheers! (Oh yeah, did I mention I’ll be drinking your beer for you-since you have to lose that belly?)lol

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  8. I can’t wait for all the stories about this marathon and your training experiences. I’ll bet you’re cooking them up already in your head. 🙂 Have fun. I’m joining Cheryl with the pom poms.

  9. Write when you can. I like your stuff. I hope that you also have a long battery life. You mentioned Derry. That is where my ancestors are from. Small world.

    • Small world indeed. It is only 9 miles from my house. I was born there. My mother is a native of Derry. A lovely city and county. It was and still is a busy harbour city. So perhaps that explains the trip abroad.
      The Derry People are renowned to me among the most friendly on the island of Ireland. True!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I kinda guessed what you meant. It does something in my head. Worries disappear and my direction in life looks clear. Problem is, it wears off after a day so I need another hit each day.
      I spotted a video here tonight on another blogger’s page. It’s about Oil and the planet etc. I thought about you when I watched it. I might reblog it.

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  11. Best of luck getting back on track for your marathon! Coming from someone that has run one without preparing properly, you want to avoid that. 🙂 Enjoying the blog!

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