Thank you Liz and Ana.


Happy Easter all.

The ten mile race yesterday? It didn’t go well for me. Missed my target time by quite a bit. It was just one of those days when the spirit was willing but the body was weak and the heat was hot!

Still, the weather was lovely, the atmosphere was friendly and the scenery was awesome (the hot blonde in front). It was a good day, all things considered. I still got that familiar happy feeling afterwards. The “hit” that makes it all worthwhile.

In this post I simply want to say thanks to Ana ofΒ for reawarding me with the Liebster badge. She loves the sea, Gone with the wind, and writing novels.

I also want to thank Liz who is busy over at her allotment onΒ for awarding me with the Sunshine badge. She is probably the only person in Holland, the land of bicycles, who hasn’t yet learned how to ride. But she can dive underwater to a depth over 100 metres.

I will concentrate this post on the Sunshine award as it is the first time I’ve received this honour.

I have to share ten random facts about myself. This will be tough because I feel I have shared all the random things already.

1. I believe that no human has ever landed on the moon.

2. I can’t cook…at all. Beans on toast is as good as it gets. Thank God for wives.

3. I am a bad passenger in a car even though I spent some time as a rally driver.

4. I hope I am not tempting fate but I had a feeling all my life (even as a child) that I would not be buried in a grave when I die.

5. I didn’t believe in shape-shifters until I discovered the Cuttlefish.

6. I think the most amazing discovery/invention was invisible sound frequencies/the wireless radio.

7. Sometimes I pray a rosary while I drive if there is nothing interesting on the radio. Just for practice when I’m older.

8. I am afraid of heights.

9. I like the taste of beer and would happily drink every night if I was allowed.

10. When my wife says “Jump!” I ask “How high?”


I now have to nominate a few bloggers who bring Sunshine with their blogs.


Thanks again to Liz and Ana. It made my weekend.







36 thoughts on “Thank you Liz and Ana.

  1. Congrats Frankie. Sorry about your race results but so glsad it was fun. And afforded a nice view. πŸ˜‰ I am with you on the beer. And I would too if not for the effects to my body!

      • After two days they sent him home with some meds. I think they realized he wasn’t going to stand for much delay or useless bed time. He wanted real food! Lol. But no more hot stuff for him. And I advised him to stop watching so much tv news. But I think my step mom could use some tranquilizers now. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers Frankie. I know they helped. I believe in their power. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on your award Frankie. Well deserved. So glad you enjoyed the scenery on your run. I’ll bet the landscape is beautiful this time of year. lol You naughty boy.

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  4. Hey Frankie. I love your replies. Brilliant and insightful. One of my diving favourites is the cuttlefish. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them all over the world. The smallest was in the Orkney isles. It was a pygmy.

  5. Dear TruckerturningWrite, congratulations on getting both the Liebster and the sunshine awards :). I loved your post here, and the 10 random facts about you, especially #10!!!

    I thank you for awarding me with the sunshine award. But may I very politely and with many thanks, confess I will not be able to participate? I feel they are taking me away from my precious writing work.

    Once again many thanks for considering ubecute. And needless to say, there is always the “next time” to winning your 10 mile race πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on the award, Frankie. You’ve come a long way since I rerad you last. Evolving self-awareness here is what I see.

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