28 thoughts on “Anybody remember this?

  1. OMG Frankie, I knew I loved you! haha. This was my husband’s favorite show when we were dating. He introduced me to it and we watched every time I stayed at his place (you know, it was on late.;) We introduced our kids to it as well. I think Patrick McGoohan was such a hunk! Number 9. I was so happy they ended it with his freedom. Oh how we loved the giant bubble. Wow. Thanks for the memories. He also loved the Avengers. Mrs. Peel had his eye. hehe.

  2. I never saw it but after your post about the ” rear view” while running, I can see why you were attracted to it. lol By the way, if you can’t get my books there let me know and I’ll see that you get whatever you pick out.

  3. I definitely remember this. It’s so weird to see Rumpole of the Bailey (?) on The Prisoner 🙂 . My brother loved this show.

  4. Easily a Top 5 show… certainly still holds up too! That was the best #2 of them all too, obviously since they brought him back for those crazy final episodes. Definitely required viewing! Good call!!

      • Times I think I should sit back and say nothing because it has all been prophesised in the Bible (I’m a believer, apologies) but my conscience just won’t allow me to twiddle my thumbs while the news channels pump lies into the world.
        Perhaps everybody knows it’s lies but I wish they would openly declare it. I don’t get the tight lipped thing.

      • Interesting thought. You are very correct. Football is everywhere on telly.
        Hey, I don’t know if you heard but sit down until I tell you about a sad day for Ireland.
        The GAA (gaelic athletic association) has sold out to Sky tv. The important championship games are now only available on Sky sports. I can’t believe the national game, with unpaid players, with generations of sweat and tears poured into it has been sold off by some idiot at the top table.
        This country is already on its knees courtesy of the world bank and co. and now this! Nothing is sacred anymore. Everything is for sale.

      • That’s terrible. I know the GAA has had a really important role in Irish identity and history. I personally can’t stand football but do appreciate what ‘real’ sport represents. Everything has a price now. Prophesy comes true.

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