What the hell is it REALLY about…???

I like this post. On The Culture Monk.

Culture Monk

st louis 3

“You’re all just wasting your time!” he said

By Kenneth Justice

~ A few weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania meeting with readers on my Drinking in the Culture Tour, my excuse to venture out into the world and see what this whole blogosphere is really like in face-to-face connections with fellow bloggers.

While at coffee I met a really nice fellow blogger; a mid-40ish woman, happily married with two children. She and her husband live in the greater Pittsburgh area and this woman loves blogging.

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for nearly ten years and blogging has given me the opportunity to feel like an adult” she said, “I’m not sure if you know what it’s like to be stuck at home with little children, but some days the highlight of my conversational experience is talking to my seven year old about his…

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4 thoughts on “What the hell is it REALLY about…???

  1. Thanks Frankie, for re blogging this. I love the Culture Monk’s blog and what he is doing. I have been thrilled to meet so many diverse people and at the same time find more people with something in common than in a year of going out into my own physical world. It makes me less lonely for conversation. And more tolerant of those get together events where I normally feel out of place.

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