Truth hammer.

The WordPress prompt today asks if there is any trade I would like to learn.

I would like to learn how to snap my fingers like the hypnotist when he brings a person back. That would be so easy and less stressful for me. Sometimes I go through a frustrated patch where I feel like the only sober person in a bar. You know, where a guy mumbles gibberish and the only person who understands him is the guy swaying from side to side and nodding.

I hope that made sense. It was probably a poor choice of simile given that nobody enjoys beer more than me.

Although, I am a qualified motor mechanic, as most of my blog friends know, I am currently trucking. Not currently as in right now at this moment.

I am lucky in that I have one of those minds that suits finding problems and planning a solution. That is the most important thing to being a good mechanic. The ability to stop and think before you go racing ahead with the spanners and fixing the wrong thing.

I don’t know what mechanics are like in other countries but I have seen time and again in Ireland the mechanic who diagnoses the problem without having even looked at the vehicle. You know, the sort who talks like he “has seen it all before”.

So my simple message to anybody who has a problem with their car is trust the guy or gal who says nothing until he finds the problem.

This short video sums up what I feel like doing with my truth hammer. Sometimes grease just won’t work to make it slide through.

Sorry if I bruised your head. It’s for the best. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading


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17 thoughts on “Truth hammer.

  1. Hey Frankie – You ever have one of those days where you just know you are that square peg and that kid is wielding that hammer? Yeah, that was me today. Your post was just what I needed. Gracias amigo! Muchos Gracias!

  2. I love the video! I’d like to have you as a mechanic. It would be a long drive! lol I recently left a mechanic who was just as you described. I couldn’t even describe the problem on the phone and he’d interrupt with his diagnosis. I really like the guy I have now. He does a thorough exam of my car before he diagnoses it and I’ve been happy with him.

    • Good stuff Charlotte. I suppose it takes all sorts. Perhaps some customers feel reassured with the tech talk. But these are expensive times and I don’t like paying for something twice or three times. I am sure it’s the same with you.

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