This post is dedicated to two people who are bloggers on wordpress.

I don’t know how it works for others, but usually if somebody follows me I follow them back. Unless I don’t like the first post I see on their blog.

A successful blogger (if that is measured in followers) liked and followed me in the early days (two months ago). I don’t know why!

But I can guess. A recently published interview reveals the reason behind him following me. It’s all to gather potential clients, according to him. I have no problem with that. It makes business sense.

My only problem is that twice in the past week he has publicly disgraced two followers for un-following his blog.

People unfollow my blog all the time but I have yet to write a post making a big hullaballoo about it.

In this age where people are fragile I would like to encourage a trend of “saying nothing” if somebody unfollows your blog. My fear is that this megastar of blogland will push somebody over the edge with his public humiliation. That’s my only concern. Believe it or not.

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41 thoughts on “Chill.

      • I “unfollowed” such a one just last week. I couldn’t see whining about only having a gazillion followers. If a person writes for followers then what’s up with that, I mean, what’s more alienating to, uh, followers? Anyway, it’s alienating to me. It wasn’t as if I would miss much by not reading that, right?

  1. Follow me.. great. Unfollow me what does it matter… I like to write… I’d love you to read. I do remember in my early days being a bit stunned that someone would “follow” me for business reasons. I even wrote a post which was read by many at the time, ( However as time has gone on I have begun to understand blogging and bloggers more and am no longer upset at those who do this. In a way they are doing what I would wish to do, they are publicising their blog. Some I have followed as a result and built up a good relationship with them. Each to their own.

      • I enjoy your writing so no intention of unfollowing! I have learned over the past year that some write for business reasons and others like myself write for personal reasons. Most of who I follow will at some time 0write a post I don’t agree with, but that is just one (or two) posts. Not worth dumping them over.
        Your blog title is actually one of my favourite titles ever.. just thought I’d let you know.

    • Each morning Marie has a routine where she goes on the ipad and checks if I have posted something the night before. There is a little black “follow” tag at the bottom of the screen. She always clicks this and informs me how many followers I have. It was a novelty at the start. I felt good if I got a new follower overnight.

  2. I don’t even know how to know if someone un-follows me so obviously I can’t get my feelings hurt. And don’t tell me how, Frankie. lol I’m grateful for those that do follow and can’t worry about those who don’t or unfollow.

  3. I recently unfollowed a blog I actually like. This particular blogger was making about 5-10 posts or more a day, making it difficult for me to keep up with others blogs I like (it was hogging up my Reader). However, I did add this blog to my Favorites list on my browser so I can still check in on it once in a while. I guess my point is, we can still follow blogs without “following” them. How stupid for this individual to publicly disgrace other bloggers for unfollowing him. The reason may have nothing to do with the quality of his blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses even more followers now…just because he is a jerk. And if he blogs for his business, someone may want to suggest being a jerk isn’t a good business practice.

  4. I write for personal reasons. If someone follows me or unfollows me, my life will go on. I have been followed by people who blog for business reasons. That’s their business. I tend to not follow those blogs. I have to figure out how to add blogs to my favorites list because I do have a blog I enjoy but posts continuously. It makes it difficult to find blogs I love to read daily.

  5. People seriously unfollowed you??? How rude! I’ve only unfollowed someone once when their blog took a real turn for the gross and they started being quite raunchy to put it mildly and had photos to accompany it. Even then, I gave it a few days and saw that they intended to keep it up, before I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. Oddly, I never saw anything like that in their blog before I followed them in the first place. I guess they finally got comfortable with their audience. At any rate, great post! 😀

    • hmm…erotic trucker photos. The best I could manage would be the typical rear view with the belt line sliding south as I make my way up the steps. Disgusting beast! 🙂
      Thank you Rachel.

      • LOL! I was married to a trucker and, uh, he was pretty vulgar but alas, he could read or write any more than the daily mileage log thingy, so at least there’s no danger of seeing his twisted tales on here. Best wishes! 😀

  6. I am stunned, that someone is actually that bitter, I mean I do check when I notice someone unfollowing me on Twitter for example, to see if they where a target audience, and to check myself, because it can be an indication that I am not delivering something to my audience, but I would never mention those who unfollow, that is just plainly rude. Interesting – love your blog by the way, and thanks for liking mine.

  7. to be honest I do not care if people follow me or unfollow me at all. sure i enjoy an audience but I want my post to reach the right audience 🙂 so I just post for fun and whoever likes it then I am glad they did

  8. I haven’t noticed who this may be yet… it sounds dramatic! I can’t figure out the follow/unfollow WP stats and now I think I will stay that way, in case I turn into a follow me diva!! ;-D

    • Hi Lita. I don’t actually know who unfollows me either. But my wife keeps count and always tells me “You lost a follower since yesterday.” There is a thing on her ipad which tells how many followers a person has.
      I don’t want to get into the reason behind this post. I was standing up for an unknown blogger or two who were getting a tough time from my perspective. It’s history now.
      Thank you Lita.

  9. lol. Funny I typed “Fair play” in a comment a few days ago somewhere and then I thought twice before I posted it. Ended up wording it differently.
    Terms like Fair Play that I had taken for granted can be taken all sorts of ways on the internet. 🙂 Your comment with the explanation in brackets gave me a laugh. Cheers. still lol.

  10. I see no reason to be rude. I have had people follow and unfollow my blog. Sometimes, people seem to follow and then unfollow after I follow them back, but if I like their blog, I’ll continue to follow. The world is too crazy to bring pettiness into the blogs with us.

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