Bealtaine, Sunshine and Anna.

It’s safe to read on today.  No crime mysteries to solve in this post.


There is a place here in County Donegal, Ireland which is worth a visit if you are ever up this way. It’s a circle of standing stones called Beltany.

The Irish readers will already know this; There are lots of place names and towns re-named by the English years ago when they were making their maps and dividing up the land. Basically, the name Beltany comes from the gaelic name for the month of May, Bealtaine, pronounced bale-tan-na, or that’s how I do it in my accent.

Bealtaine was a big deal. The start of the summer. The season of growth. I believe that word came from an ancient god named Belenus. I believe his name came from Bel in Gaulish celtic mythology meaning bright/light/shine.

I’ll get to the point.

Anna is a blogger who is/was a teacher. I read a post on her blog very recently and it was a side to teaching I had never heard before. She loved the kids so much it hurt. It is one of those posts that stick in my head. Her blog is here .

I had already been given the Sunshine award badge. Anna didn’t know this. It was my fault. Since then I made a page called ‘Awards’ just to remind myself how truly great I am and to let anybody see what I already have on my lapel.

I want to do something to show my appreciation to Anna for giving a ‘Sunshine’ award, of all things, to a wretch like me. I will answer the questions as honestly as I can without kicking off WW3 and Armageddon and all that.

1. Why did I decide to start blogging?

I like reading and I like writing about the things I that interest me, I think. It’s a question I have been asking myself recently.

2. Have I ever had a near death experience?

Yes! Most definitely. I was 16 or 17 in the passenger seat of the a friend’s car. We were going pretty fast on a narrow lane. There was a pothole (I can still see it in my mind’s eye), he swerved to avoid it and next thing the car left the road. We were hurtling through a downhill field. Time slowed down, I looked at him then looked back towards the window. Then it happened. My life actually flashed in front of me. It’s so hard to explain but all these different scenes from my life up to that point were flicking in front of me. So fast. If you remember how the six million dollar man used to read a book, by just fanning the pages? It was like that. Super fast visual scenes but my brain understood each one. Anyway, the car landed safely. We got it towed out of the field, gave her a quick wash, replaced the broken number plate, and had her back in his yard before his father noticed she was missing. Happy days.

3. Am I lover or a fighter? First thought please.


4. Do I drink caffeine?


5. What’s my favourite food?

I don’t think I have one. I eat anything. Even my words.

6. Name my favourite fictional character?

Ross O’Carroll Kelly.

7. Do I prefer real books or e-reader?

Real books.

8. Have I ever smoked cigarettes?

Honey, I’ve eaten cigarettes! I smoked since boyhood until pancake Tuesday 2009. I hope to take up pipe smoking if I make it to 60. I love everything about pipe smoking. The image, the cleaning ritual, the smell, everything.

9. Am I married with/without kids?

Yes to both charges. My fate is sealed.

10. Am I a positive or negative person, most of the time?

I am eternally positive. And I would be even more positive if a newsreader did this every once in a while:

Thank you Anna, and thanks to anybody else for reading


photo from google images

14 thoughts on “Bealtaine, Sunshine and Anna.

  1. That’s great Frankie. It is always good to get to know a fellow blogger just that much more clearly. I think I speak for anyone reading this that we are extremely happy your auto incident ended happily. I will check out Anna’s post as soon as I stop packing…
    I actually took a break today when hubby brought in a heavenly fruit tart and decadent chocolate brownies as a Mother’s Day gift. He knows better than to buy me silly presents like jewelry! It was such a nice moment in my day. Id like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to your special ladies too, although, do you celebrate it there like here? And on the same day? Don’t think me stupid for asking. Costa Rica has a different date for theirs.
    Can’t wait to see that post of you with your pipe one day, being and old dog and putting your feet up. :). Oh! And love the history lesson too. So many historically meaningful places to visit in your beautiful country.

  2. I would love to visit your country but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I read your other post about 9/11 and if you’re “eternally positive” then don’t give up on humanity. 🙂 God’s in control, not man. Happy mother’s day to your honey and I’ll check out her blog.

    • I am positive most times but then folks learn that they have been lied to and it doesn’t even seem to upset them. Wars were fought, lives were lost because of those lies. I can’t understand the fear that folks have about talking about what really happened.

  3. Congratulations on the Sunshine Award! I love the sunshine captured over the stone ring. Pre-historic monuments fascinate me, so much mystery! I wonder if we will ever figure out for sure how they were put together. All good wishes for your important, insightful and engaging blog.

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