Consider this please.

I can almost predict the future.

Remember Joseph Kony? Sudan, The “world’s” most wanted. The social media and printed tee-shirts. All the media hype until somebody said he’s been dead ten years. Ahem…oops. “Lets change the news.”

A few weeks ago there was a little snippet on the news here in Ireland about two hundred and forty something girls kidnapped in Nigeria. It was one of those news reel videos which is sent to all corners of the globe.

When I saw it I said to my wife “There is something extremely dodgy about that.” Even the video looked staged.

Fast forward to last Monday evening. Our news had a new video. An abandoned village with about thirty women carrying really expensive signs and flags, dance/marching with smiling faces. No spectators except for the camera man. And a narrator saying they are on their way to the government buildings. It was like they were acting for the camera. I could go on. I looked for the clip online but can’t find it. It has gotten so big now, if actors were needed before, they aren’t anymore.

Yesterday morning one of the national radio stations here mentioned a protest would be held outside the Nigerian embassy here in Dublin. Tee shirts and posters would be provided.

Next thing “Toot-toot-toot…” The heroes are going in. I had predicted that also to my wife weeks ago. The social media and telly is the Cinema. Get the popcorn Β in because this stuff is pure Hollywood script. The kidnapper released a video to say “God told me to sell your girls.”

Oh please. Give me a break.

Nigeria “just happens” to be hosting a world economic forum this week. And the President Goodluck Johnathan, welcomes the help. By the way he hasn’t sent any of his own men after the kidnappers who must have been driving at least five bus loads of screaming girls through the jungle!!! Not to mention the trucks full of his own men.

Since when was such a massive media campaign launched about kidnappings which happen all the time in poorer countries? Isn’t it easier to go into yet another country when the “world” is cheering you on?

Don’t jump straight back with comments. Please just think about it. That’s all I ask. I could be completely wrong. My mind is working on the scenarios even as I type this. Neither you nor I has a clue what’s going on, but we can think about it.

Here have a look at one of the parents. Oops I mean, have a listen to him talking on the phone.

Thank you for reading



13 thoughts on “Consider this please.

    • I think you are right Martha. This time they are aiming to build a fan base among the kids on social networks etc.
      We older generation can see through the shenanigans. But this is pure Batman stuff to the teens. I hope adults will point this propaganda out to the youngsters.

  1. I agree. Although we have “freedom of the press” here in the US, media is fueled by wealthy special intrest groups. The agenda behind media coverage is questionable. I had a history teacher in school that would say, “What makes the world go around? If you say ‘love’ you fail the class. Money makes the world go around.” He argued that war was by definition a product of greed, dishonesty, deciet, and corruption (not patriotism and loyalty to humanitarian values.) The ‘war on terror’ here in the US began durring my college years. Again I questioned what wasn’t in the news. The ‘war on terror’ is largely backed by over dependence on forign oil. I wondered, “Why are we were talking so much about apprehending terrorists and so little about our country’s need for renewable and sustainable energy sources?” My teacher’s words taught me to always question the agendas presented by the media…

    • Your comment is a breath of fresh air!
      I could hug you, teacher and all.
      Thank you so much. I will sleep well tonight, knowing that there is somebody who ‘gets it’ also.
      Thank you so much Liana, for your comment. It made my day.

    • It looks like they are making it up as they go. Today the newspapers here say it was 284 girls. They must have had a fleet of buses!
      Sue, our generation has seen all the lies politicians and news channels are capable of. This thing is geared at the younger ones on the social networks. This is why the parents and adults have to point out the truth. It’s no good keeping suspicions to ourselves. We don’t protect their futures by doing that.
      This is set up like a superhero getting the bad guy type of thing to attract the young voters and do God knows what in africa.
      I could be wrong.

  2. Hey Frankie, I just left you a long comment saying what I really feel and what I really think about the news and guess what? It said, “Sorry this comment cannot be posted.” Now what do you think about that? πŸ˜‰

    • I’m not surprised. Thanks for letting me know.
      Hey Cheryl, I watched a video on another blog last night. It was a woman telling her story. It was about reptillians and shadow governments and ….time travel. πŸ™‚
      This interfering with my blog by some spy worker or whatever has made me wonder. What’s the point in even trying? For all I know I have been getting other messages intercepted here on WordPress. You are the second person to let me know.
      Thank you.

      • I’m just after reading on another blog (just now) that China and Russia have signed some deal to stop trading in usa dollars. Apparently this is very bad for you guys over there. It will collapse the value of the usa dollar.
        I don’t understand those financial things so much.
        Yesterday I stopped the truck outside a church and went in. A spur of the moment decision. I asked God for guidance. Then today I learn that this blog is hacked. So I think maybe my purpose isn’t in blog land.
        I think the proverbial “crap” is about to hit the fan worldwide. It’s like the usa government or whoever is actually in charge want to taunt the other countries until something kicks off. It’s as if they “want” to start a fight.

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