Trading places.

Does anybody remember the movies ‘Trading Places’ or ‘Inner space’ ? They were very popular comedies back in the eighties.




Trading places was and still is a very interesting comedy. The producer of this movie caught the attention of one of the world ‘elite’ as they are known. The pair became friends until the elite made the mistake of thinking that the producer was as evil as himself.

This is a ten minute section taken from an interview with Aaron Russo, a few years ago. He has since gone for his reward in heaven.

A brave man who wanted to wake the world up.

If you are not in shock after the first five minutes, I give up. Seriously, I give up on humanity.

RIP Aaron Russo.

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22 thoughts on “Trading places.

  1. Indeed….anyone with an ounce of free thought running through their minds knows what the real “terrorism” is. Smart phones..hmph. Too smart.
    Have you seen the mivie In Time? Its been iut in the last couple of years. You really spwatch it if not.
    Thanks. I live this interview.

      • Im surprised you could understand my reply! Look at all those typos. IPad at midnight. Thats what you get.. Haha. Yes, for my way of thinking too much of the population only wants to board the train so that they don’t “miss” out. Few realize or care about the final destination…..

  2. Hey. Your blog grows ever better. I tried twice to write substantive comments on this post but was kicked off. I’ll try again later.

    “And that auld triangle
    goes jingle jangle
    all along the banks of the Royal Canal”

  3. Fascinating interview. I’m going to watch the full-length one when I can. It makes sense because it fits with the book of Revelation. Makes me think I need to get a lot better at vegetable gardening.
    Jesus wins in the end. The bad guys don’t.

    • I am starting to realise that.
      Sometimes when I watch videos like this on youtube I often see a comment saying that the video will not play in certain countries.
      There is so much fear generated. I think it’s just a matter of being brave, just a little at a time until a person erases their fears. It usually doesn’t happen overnight.
      Maybe someday. Thank you Sheen.

  4. Hi Frankie – thanks for posting this. It has stayed with me the entire time since. Part of me wants to believe that there is not any one, let alone an entire organization of “ones” who would gather together to orchestrate such outcomes. It is literally incomprehensible to consider such vile acts.

    And yet… It makes sense.

    I just wrote about 300 words and decided to cut it short. But stay tuned. Your Trading Places post will be featured in an upcoming post of mine.

    Be well.

    • Cheers Maggie. I spent months in 2007 going though the whole “this is too ridiculous to be true” But once awakened, it is impossible to sleep.
      I used to comment on the various youtube videos and there would always be those who would defend the “official story” like the Bible.
      Then one of them posted a comment letting me know that he was paid. He even told me my own identity. Me in Ireland and him in the states!
      Those paid guys are even sick of the lies they have to tell nowadays.
      So long as one person sees the truth, this post has not been wasted.
      Life on earth is a test of character, i reckon.
      Cheers Maggie.

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