Blog Tour 2014 – The writing process.


Thanks, first of all, to Pepper at for asking me to take part in this tour. I am gob-smacked that I was considered. My blog goes from one extreme to the next. Pepper’s talent with words speaks for itself. If you haven’t already discovered the Field of Thorns, there is no time like the present.

I have to nominate two bloggers to take this tour forward next Monday.

The first is Martha. A published author who teaches writing and tells it like it is.

The second is the Doctor. He is unique, in my opinion. Quite funny. He also does a thing called live novel-ing.

Now I have to answer the four questions.

What am I working on at the moment?

I have been working in spurts on a non-fiction book. I don’t intend to write a second book. I only intend to write one.

It should have been finished ages ago. What’s the hold-up? The day job and all the other projects I seem to volunteer for. Excuses excuses!

I hope, when it is finished, it will help somebody make sense of this age in which we are living.  It will be simple language, easy to understand. There will be light hearted moments and my take on the meaning of life. I urge people to think twice about even the most insignificant coincidences that happen in their day to day lives.

When it is finished I hope to move on and try something else worthwhile.

How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

I don’t try to stand out. If I do, it’s not intentional. It’s not a competition, lucky for me. I have no interest in fame or fortune. I have an interest in trying to help.

I find it increasingly hard to understand most people. There is an indifference in the attitude to injustice of the average 21st century person.

How do I differ? Maybe I differ in that I realise we can’t meditate our way to a better future. We as bloggers have the power to change the world through a keypad, if we do it together, one truth at a time.

Why do I write what I do?

I suppose maybe I have the hope that something I write will help somebody. I wrote a play once. It was a comedy with a sad twist. But the moral of the story was that life can improve after the loss of a loved one if we allow it to improve.

I believe in the subtle influence of evil under the guise of pleasure. I see a mass hypnosis going on in the world. Hands are being used for anything other than helping. This worries me because my children will have to share a world with their children.

Then there are other times when I believe that this is all part of the destiny spoken of in the Bible. The human race has become so polluted with greed and self interest and self help books. We are desensitised to the suffering of others.

How does my writing process work?

My blog writing is very lazy. I might use one of the daily prompts from WordPress or just type about something random.

As for other writing, it comes to me during my working day. I keep a wee notebook for scribbling ideas and thoughts. Then I try to write when the house is quiet. The problem is that my mind seems most productive when I am busy at work. In the evenings it feels forced. Not all the time but most times.

I will write maybe a page or two then go back and hack it down to half a page.

Other times I stare at a blank screen and realise I am not a writer at all.


Thank you for reading


ps…I hope to catch up on reading blogs tomorrow. I have missed a few days over the weekend, sorry. And thanks again Pepper.

26 thoughts on “Blog Tour 2014 – The writing process.

  1. Let the words flow Frankie. I think you are a gifted writer. You are serious, yet add humor, and provide thought provoking material. Maybe not all in one article but it’s all there. Combine that in a book and you may just have a best seller. I’m like you in regards to wanting to write something that might help someone and I have no expectations or desire for fame or fortune. Speaking of which, how did your honey like “Dawn’s Light?” Keep the pen to the paper Frankie. Blessings.

    • Thanks Sue. I will try to keep a high standard 🙂 Marie hasn’t started reading it yet. She is finishing another one first. But she is looking forward to it from reading the intro. I will let you know.
      Blessing to you also.

  2. Frankie — when am I supposed to do this? I hope I can find two others (I have a couple in mind but…) The questions AREN’T easy. I enjoyed reading your answers. I agree with this, “I believe in the subtle influence of evil under the guise of pleasure.” It’s amazing how quick my students are to recognize that in themselves and how powerful their repugnance. I’m happy when I can get that out in front of them. It happened today quite by accident. I gave them an article to write a reader response and we ended up in a discussion how we think in “sound bites” now because we’re too lazy to think. They were shocked. I showed two ads for the military and Obama’s speech accepting his party’s nomination. Between the article and their teacher, they definitely began to see that they must slow down and LOOK where they’re leaping. Fight the good fight, boyo (as Denis Joseph Francis Callahan used to say to me, ignoring t.he obvious)

  3. Frankie,

    Thank you for participating in the Blog Tour and running with the ball, so to speak. Wonderful post!

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, especially if it is written in a similar style to your blog posts.

    Thank you for sharing more about your writing world. True, inspiration seems to arrive at inappropriate times, like being at work. I bet your notebook is full.

    Thank you for the kind words.


  4. Interesting answers to some totally tough questions! I look forward to trying to tackle them myself, so thanks for the nomination. Curious about this ‘one’ and only book you are working on and this ‘meaning of life’ you’ve got figured out… sounds cool and very definitive, so get that thing done!

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  6. Love your answers, Frankie. I, too, am catching up on blog-reading. I’d urge you to write even at night when you feel it’s more forced. You never know. (My 2 cents’ worth!) Best wishes to you–and I hope you return to blogging soon!

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