Noah’s Ark

I have heard the name Noah a few times in the past week. Either because of the new movie or my blogger friend Cheryl whose grandchild carries this wonderful name.

Since 2007 strange things, sometimes divine, have been happening in my life.

There was an instance about four or five years ago when a thought popped into my head. At first I thought this “thought” was my own. But later that evening I realised it was planted.

I encourage any new readers to read two posts I wrote explaining planted thoughts by the Holy Spirit (angels etc to some).

Anyway, during my working day I got this idea in my head that maybe Noah’s Ark was the Bible’s way of explaining an Alien vessel landing on earth, saving two of everything and setting them down after the flood. I even considered maybe it was a story about coming from a another planet to earth, if that makes sense.

It’s no harm to entertain thoughts and follow through with research, especially gut research. (I can feel people saying “Cuckoo”)

Later that day when I got home, I skipped dinner and went straight to the computer. I googled “Noah’s Ark Spaceship”. It turns out I wasn’t the first to come up with this theory. There was even a song based on this idea. But anyway, I was guided to something which was accompanied by a confirmation of the truth to me.

In the Bible it says the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. It turns out that there is a mountain in Turkey called Mount Ararat. It looks like the shape of a decomposed boat at the top. And there were also photos of ancient stone anchors around the site.




Just then my wife calls to me that we have visitors. I switch the computer off and go to greet my in-laws. My wife’s nephew has arrived with his parents. He was two years old.

“Show Frankie your new toy,” goes my wife to the kid, Barney.

Barney holds up the toy in his hands. “Look Fwankie, look!” It was a toy Noah’s Ark. It turned out he only got it a couple of hours earlier.

As we all know there are websites on the internet whose purpose is false info and there are websites whose info is true and there are websites whose only mission is to cause confusion.

If this subject interests you check it out. Also check out the chariots found at the bottom of the Red Sea (maybe the parting by Moses actually happened.) I hope you are guided to the truth. The “important” truth.

For the record I believe Aliens exist, whether from here or another planet, whether good or evil. See the post called.Β But I also believe the devil exists. I will blog about that again, I hope.

These signs happen all the time. I am sure you are being guided too, whether you realise it or not.

I think this is enough for now.

Thank you for reading


ps…Barney’s new baby brother was Christened Noah, later that year.

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21 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark

  1. I think I hear raindrops…..
    For the record, I don’t believe the story of Atlantis is a myth or a legend. I think it was a revelation. And it is happening now.

    • You could well be right, Cheryl.
      I only know that Plato mentioned it once. A place that got covered in water. Some say it was a place called Hibrasil off the west coast of Cork (Ireland) I don’t know.
      There was a psychic dude called Edward or Emund Cayce (casey) who reckoned he will be born again when the western side of America is underwater and scientists will be quizzing him on his previous life.
      So you could be right.
      But then there is a part in the Bible after the flood where Good says he will never flood the earth again. But I suppose He didn’t say He wouldn’t flood “part of it”
      I would be interested in your theory. It sounds interesting.

      • Hello Frankie, this discussion is a welcome drift from my endkess packing, πŸ™‚
        What I have considered (i don’t like the word believe too much for it requires much dedication and certainty) is based in Quantum theory that rather than life being based in linear time, like on a time table, that instead, existence is looped, making it possible for things to happen simultaneously, only on different planes. To me that makes a lot of sense with regard to deja vu, feeling connected to one another and most forms of precognition. Instead “seeing” the future, what if we had been there or are experiencing it in some way along with our current life? I find these ideas fascinating as well as the idea that UFOs may not come merely from outer space but from other planes of existence. There is a book called The InterDimensional Universe. Have you heard of it? It has some interesting ideas about this.

      • No, I didn’t read that one :))
        Wow Cheryl, Quantum Theory…linear time?
        I’m a mechanic turned trucker! πŸ™‚ That is way over my head. Maybe I feel closer to the way Jesus lived because he was a carpenter who hung with fishermen.
        That time travel thing is over my head. I can only get my head around one planet at a time. πŸ™‚
        I do believe there are aliens hanging around. Whether they are the offspring of fallen angels or evil spirits or both or other planets etc.

      • It’s all fascinating and keeps me from feeling “stuck”. As far as things being over my head, I find it difficult to truly get a grip on eternity, infinity. If you really try to let your mind go there, it hits a wall at some point. So I just let the i formation flow, without teying to categorize it. No doubt about the alien presence.

      • Yes. Not that I don’t i derstand it but when I try to imagine it. Really think about NO beginning and NO end. Like a large loop. Most peopke say it but Im bot sure how many tey to truly imagine it. Life itself in the physical is so finite. Its so huge and amazing.

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  3. As you know, I’m a Christian and believe in Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons. It’s good that you are searching for answers. I find people who believe in Satan and demons but not God and angels to be VERY mixed up.

    I’m fine with atheists, agnostics, etc., but don’t say you are a devil worshiper and DON’T believe in God. Makes no sense! People have the right to believe as they wish.

    However, I often question how you can believe in one and not the other. As far as aliens, the jury is still out for me. I’m skeptical but who knows? πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds plausible to me. I mean, it isn’t any more fantastic than anything I learned in Catholic school, and makes more sense than a lot of it. (LIMBO? Okay, that was before my time, I’ll admit, but still – give me a break)
    You have an interesting brain, and you’re using it the way God meant for you to use it.
    (I’m giving my own brain a long, undeserved rest, heh heh)

    But what about this: from an old African-American spiritual that I’m pretty sure is taken straight from scripture:
    God gave Noah the rainbow sign
    Ain’t no water – but the fire next time.

    Hmm…so, what do you think? I’m just interested….

    (A beautiful song too, just FYI)

    See you later, alligator,
    Big Mouth O’Brien

    • Hi Claire Marie, I am a Catholic also. I never bought the limbo conspiracy either πŸ™‚ It’s a shame that every member of a religious faith seems to get tarred with the one brush, on the basis that we all follow blindly behind a leader who doesn’t have the best track record.
      I think most people, whichever faith, work things out for themselves.
      I hope I don’t come across as a expert on the Bible. To tell the truth I only know the basics. My dad used to read the odd story from a children’s Bible when we were young. Anything else I learned in school or at Mass.
      It’s only in the past few years when strange coincidences started happening that I dipped into the Bible for possible answers.
      And when all is said and done, in my opinion, it always seems to be the book, the source, with the most sensible answers. It’s like I get a feeling in my gut when I hear the truth. If that makes sense.
      Would you believe that I only read about the rainbow before I posted the above blog post! I remember being told about the bird and the twig but I didn’t remember any rainbow. So it was a coincidence to read your comment πŸ™‚
      To answer your question (eventually) I don’t know. I have read the Book of Revelation in the Bible, and I have read “alleged” prophesies of Saints.
      I, personally, don’t worry about Heaven sent disasters. It’s the moral free-fall that society is in which worries me. They will be having sex in the streets next. Murder is already an option to a problem.
      Maybe I am wasting my time trying to help people see the little coincidences as a Divine presence in our daily lives. Christ spoke non-stop in the Bible about sending signs from the Holy Spirit to let us know He is with us. It took me years to cop it on.
      Maybe this is it. The end times.
      But I can’t just stand back and watch it happen.
      I would love to know if we have a purpose as individuals or is it just wishful thinking? That would be my first question if I was given the opportunity to meet God.
      Cheers Crocodile πŸ™‚

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  6. My name is Noah also and the name means “Comforter,” or “He who brings peace or comfort.”
    I was born the same year Israel was “re-born” as a nation, 1948. I believe the “actual” Noah’s Ark will be found, authenticated as well as the “ark of the covenant” in my life time. True Archeology will “confirm” the historic voracity of the Bible. Shalom

  7. Nice to see you pop in today Frankie. I often wonder how you and that lovely family of yours is faring. Take good care my friend. The world has gone off its kilter….

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