Could you be more specific?

There was a Daily Prompt which asks me to write in the style of a blogger I admire.

I had a whole rousing blog post in my head before I sat down. Sadly it’s gone. If I get distracted I lose my train of thought.

My wife distracted me with some very important (totally unimportant) question or other with her beautiful voice….

I want to make a suggestion. I read lots of blogs saying that the world is corrupt, governments are corrupt, armies are corrupt, science is corrupt, media companies are corrupt, music industry is corrupt.

For a reader who hasn’t a clue what we’re talking about, please give them  a concrete example. Make them care. Some blogs do this already.

Today a workmate goes to me “I met a guy at a barbeque the other night. He was talking about all the conspiracies down through the years. They never put a man on the moon!”

” I have been telling you that for years.” I answered, in shock.

“Yes but he explained it better.”

“Thanks mate!”   The main thing is he knows now. I could hear the excitement in his voice. His awakening has begun.

The point is this; Perhaps you have a knack of explaining things.

Pick an event do some research then be specific! The newsreaders are very specific with the lies. Be specific with the truth.

I hear the term ‘Be the change’ a lot, in blogs. From what I see the main folks ‘being the change’ are the governments, the bankers, and the traditional media, and it’s not a change for the better.

Whether you knew it or not the Boston Marathon drama was smoke and firecrackers and amputee actors. I picked two videos from the numerous available on youtube. One is from an actual news channel (one of the few who try to keep the balance). The other is a movie maker who spotted actors he recognised and has now blown the proverbial whistle. His interview is a tale of bravery which I could never match.  We owe it to him to Be Specific!

This is our time, our window, our awakening. Grab a truth hammer and help to be the change.

The Daily Prompt asks to write like a blogger I admire. I admire most bloggers. I hope am writing in the style of most bloggers’ inner voice.

It’s just a suggestion.

Thank you for reading


ps…just as I am about to hit publish I get a sign!! (Thank you Holy Spirit.) My wife is watching a telly drama called Intelligence. A detective makes a reference to the Boston Bombers as being scumbags. Lol. The telly hypnosis machine is working hard these days.

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23 thoughts on “Could you be more specific?

  1. Let me start by saying that I totally believe that the US government (like all others) is capable of staging a hoax if they wanted to do so, but does that mean that they are culpable? Was there willful ignorance of the plot? Maybe. Possibly. Probably. Depends on your predisposition.

    The reason I don’t believe that the US Government went through a lot of trouble to stage the Boston Marathon bombing is because it hasn’t and won’t lead to them justifying some otherwise unpopular action. The accused terrorists are Chechen. The death of one and the likely incarceration (possibly death) of the other doesn’t further our interests in any oil producing region. Even if Chechnya were to have natural resources we’re interested in owning, it’s in the firm grip of Russia, and we are certainly not going to fight Russia over Chechnya. Now that there’s speculation that the Russians had intelligence we would have used to prevent the attack, is that a revelation shocking enough that Americans would be willing to turn their animosity towards Russia into demands for war? Highly unlikely. The only other argument you could make is that such a bombing will help to support any business that is involved in surveillance (CCTV cameras, x-ray machines, chemical weapon detectors, etc.). Maybe so, but when the government is likely to relax restriction on carry-on liquids soon, that also doesn’t seem plausible. If they did stage the bombing, then it was a big fat waste of taxpayer money and nothing more.

    What’s you’re rationale for why it was staged?

    • I agree with you on all accounts. I see no logical reason for staging such a bombing. Also, as I explained in my reply, I can’t prove anything, but I had a friend and co-worker running the marathon and saw first hand what happened. It did happen in my opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions though.

  2. I know we are often hoaxed. Every country, not just the US gov’t does that.

    At the same time, the Boston Marathon really confuses me. I was teaching at school where one of our teachers was running that marathon. For a small rural school, we had a lot of marathon running teachers. This same teacher is retired military, teaching as a second career because he didn’t want to retire. 3rd grade of all things.

    I don’t believe that bombing was a hoax after listening to him describe it. I understand others may believe it is, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I have no YouTube video to disprove your claim. None of us thought to video his tearful account when he came home.

    I can only speak from what happened where I live. We all stayed after the bell rang that day, broke a law by praying on government property, for his safety.

    • Anna I admire your innocence. I think the american people can’t see the wood for the trees. Perhaps youtube blocks certain videos in America.
      This “military” title seems to be next to godliness over there. I understand that most children are swearing an oath to a flag all through their schooldays. That has to have an effect on the brain.
      I like american people, really! But your military are being “used” for world domination by the banks who own your country.
      Every body can name the date the twin towers came down,. Okay, name me the dates your military dropped not one but “two” atomic bombs on innocent civilians in Japan. Hundreds of thousands dead in the blink of an eye. I bet you aren’t taught to remember that date.
      I like you people. But we don’t have guns here like you guys do.
      Your military planes are not allowed to touch down in Ireland! Did they tell you that? No, I bet not.
      The truth sometimes is hard to take.
      Okay, the hero in the cowboy hat in boston (pushing the wheelchair containing another actor) well he was also a hero at 9/11.
      Don’t get me wrong. I like you and your people Anna.
      Anyway. I am leaving my last blog later. I give up. They have been stopping some messages being posted in the comment box by other bloggers.
      Keep up the good work. You have a great blog. Ps..some guys are paid to distract with long winded comments. All the best, Anna.

      • Having a minor in history, I do know those dates. No, the military aren’t glorified when led by tyrants. Three states choose the president. The rest have no say and use our brains.

        Please google Sarah Lowe if you’re allowed. Batesville, AR flight attendant on board the plane that hit the second tower. Where did she go? Why did she leave her friends and family, me??

        I no longer live in that area so good luck tyrants in finding me. I just wonder where these people went if it was all fake. There’s a marathon each year in her honor and a scholarship at the local community college set up by friends and family. Once again, me.

        I didn’t mention guns, so I don’t know what to say about that. Innocent? No. Tired of the rest of the world thinking the other 47 states are the same evil Americans? Yes. All the best Frankie.

      • Anna, you miss my point. In your own posts you chatted about guns and your sister. I wanted to comment saying “stop with the gun talk” but I didn’t.
        I don’t know what it’s like to live in that environment. I don’t get how people can put God and military in the same sentence. I am sorry. I can’t get that.
        I don’t know where the people went. Perhaps they were shot. I do know that many many pilots are saying the planes we saw were holograms.
        Please look up stuff like that. I thought I might do somebody a favour and give the untold side of the story.
        Yes I will google the above if you wish it. Please return the courtesy by finding out about “No planes” and “WTC7” etc
        I have said often enough I like the American people. (I have just said it again)
        Sorry to rock the boat. Thank you Anna.

      • I watch all the youtube vids you post. They aren’t blocked. I will google and research.

        Yes, guns have saved my life more than once. I can’t apologize for being alive. We have no protection where I live. We will have to agree to disagree on that point. I’ll continue to post about them if something else happens. It is my blog.

        No need to apologize.

        I’d never tell you to stop talking about something on your own blog. It’s yours to do with as you wish. The thought of my family being shot by my own government hurts while they are still mourned.

        I’ll not post my opinion again. I just had questions, doubts, etc having been so close to victims. I sincerely apologize for posting. Thanks.

      • I know it’s your blog. I know this is mine.
        I understand what you mean by protection. I’ve seen the movies.
        I am sorry for your loss. That explains why you are so passionate about the topic. Posts like mine only drag up the past. Was only trying to awaken a few people.
        Perhaps your search will give the answers.
        Cheers Anna.

    • Hi Jo, so sorry about delay in reply.
      Thank you for the sentiments.
      Everything is okay. I just took a step back from the internet for a while.
      I am sure I will blog soon again. I am a chatterbox by nature 🙂
      I will catch up soon again. Thanks so much, Jo.

  3. Hi trucker. I guess writing in the style of most bloggers’ inner voice is hard since it’s none other than our own. But I really think you’re doing just fine.
    Tough road ahead. Keep rolling! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    • Hi Claire Marie, so sorry about delay in reply.
      I have been taking a break from the blog for a while. I will probably be back sometime soon.
      I am keeping well. I hope you are also well.
      I will catch up soon.

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