Common sense.

Today’s WordPress prompt asks Which technology is now obsolete? I think Common Sense is obsolete.

It has been a week since my last post. The truth is I want to write something light hearted and carefree but I can’t.

I know what the problem is. It’s a combination of a few things.

There is a new war in the world. This time it’s in Ukraine. That is the far side of the world to a lot of english speaking countries. The mainstream media will spin the lies and give the “leaders” of the “western world” as much air time as they need to convince us that they are telling the truth.

It sickens me also that Barack Obama keeps saying stuff like “The world is angry with Russia, ” or “The people of Europe support us in this.”

I don’t know whether his speeches are written for him or he pens them himself. But I want whoever reads this post to know he doesn’t speak for me or anybody I have ever met. In fact I will go so far as to say that successive United States governments are looked upon with disgust, although this view will never appear on the news. War seems to be the only thing that interests them. War and power and gun factories and oil.

The man seems to think he is the mayor of the whole world. Hollywood and the media push this image also.

I can’t understand what makes a person forfeit their soul to follow orders given my a mere human who exalts himself at every opportunity. And it’s not just him. There are plenty of other leaders who export death to innocent countries who happen to have oil or something of value.

I don’t like posting something without trying to make a small difference. I was going to add a video of soldiers who have had enough of killing, telling their stories. I might do that again.

I decided on a topic which I feel is urgent. It’s a technology which is far from obsolete.

Everybody knows what a hologram is; it’s a 3D image of a person or thing. There is a technology which was tested out back in 2001. A missile shrouded by the image of a plane, perhaps? I feel that same technology will be used to spin another lie in the near future.

If tomorrow, you looked to the sky and saw a spaceship or  a meteor, how would you know it was real or a hologram? The documentary channels on telly are choca-blok with ufo’s and meteors. Does anybody wonder are we being prepared for another crazy hoax?

I never gave much thought to the hologram thing until a man called John Lear insisted that the planes on 9/11 were holograms. He is a highly decorated pilot who holds air speed records, has worked at every level including air traffic control. His dad invented the Lear jet among other things.

Nobody will answer for 9/11. I think we all agree they got away with murder. They seem to be above the law. But hopefully folks won’t be so easily fooled next time. Myself included.

Thank you for reading


Here is a short video. There are plenty more on youtube.

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