Wasps ‘R’ us.


He turned to me and goes “Holy smoke, I never saw one that big before!”

In one corner of the yard, at the company headquarters, there is a refuse skip. Into it we dispose of any non-recyclable rubbish. Being summertime one can expect a wasp or two hanging around for a sugary treat.

But today it was like wasp-ageddon! Every wasp in Ireland had congregated around our skip. There were some quite large ones also, as a workmate pointed out. Honest to God, you were taking your life in your hands going near it.

But being the fearless hero that I am, I rattled up a few wasp traps and, risking my perfect unblemished skin for the safety of others, I placed them at key locations around the skip. I can’t take credit for the design. These wasp traps have been around since the invention of the plastic drinks bottle.

Heeere waspy waspy

Heeere waspy waspy

Tomorrow will tell the tale. Either the bottles will be buzzing, or the wasp witch will spot me coming and be like “Fly my pretties, fly!” and I will be running away going “Not the face, not the face…”

Do wasps serve a purpose? Like bees, you know?

If so…oops!

Thank you for reading



17 thoughts on “Wasps ‘R’ us.

      • Oh that’s great! I’m so glad she liked it. I was really hoping you wouldn’t write back and tell everyone she hated it. lol Thanks for the plug. “Pursuit” is my other one she would probably like, too since she liked that one. Blessings to you Frankie.

  1. I blame it on the fracking…those little buggers serve no useful purpose as far ad I am concerned. They’re all female and all having a baaaaad day! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Frankie,

    LoL! πŸ™‚

    Not sure exactly what purpose they serve and despite my belief that everything has a purpose, I don’t care for these creatures.

    I’ve been battling wasps all summer here. They have taken over my yard and make it difficult to get in my gardens.

    I’m curious to know how the trap worked.I may need to do that too!


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