I give the title “Pride” to this post for three reasons.

The first is a French runner. He won the European steeplechase last night. I think this may be his third time to be crowned Euro steeplechase champ (I could be wrong). But he won last night with ease. So much ease that he decided to striptease as he ran the final straight. The pride was written all over his face. Before the evening was out he was stripped of the gold medal. Disqualified, for breaking the rules. I bet he regrets the premature celebrations, poor chap. As John Lennon used to say, in his Liverpool accent “Alright alright, keep your shirt on.”

The second reason is Mexico. The Mexican people are leading the way when it comes to world peace. As of July, 12,000 guns have been handed in to the ‘Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe’ in Mexico city since there was a programme introduced in which a weapon can be exchanged for food, or cash, or a laptop, or a domestic appliance. And get this…children who hand in toy guns also receive a reward, in the form of another toy like a football or something non-violence related. Go Mexico, be proud!!! I wonder would this be worth a try with kids all around the world? Maybe it’s not too late to help the next generation.

Heap of guns in different bright colors

And finally the third reason is my eldest daughter (17) received the results of the leaving cert exams this week. For those overseas, the leaving certificate exams are the final exams of second level education. She did very well.

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon

I don’t know much about science (there’s a song in that) but she has whittled it down to two universities. There are some things I can offer advice on. Science isn’t one of them. Although chemistry… I do know not to mix my drinks.

I will miss her…moods and all. But I am proud of her.

Thank you for reading



28 thoughts on “Pride.

  1. Great trifecta Frankie. 1) Bummer the guy “spiked” before it was okay to boast 2) we can always hope. My husband says they did this in the US in some p,aces for awhile. 3) Way to go daughter of Frankie! It’s all in the genes you know…congrats. Yep, tis bittersweet my friend.

  2. Hi Frankie. First I’d like to say congrats to your daughter. Secondly now that the honest people have turned in their guns the crooks have a better shot at them. I’ll bet not one crook turned in theirs. The guns don’t kill- it’s the person that pulls the trigger. Teach the kids about gun safety and they don’t have to turn in their squirt guns. πŸ™‚

  3. I wonder how effective that action in Mexico will be with the drug cartels… Mexico likes to keep its (considerable) violence within its borders; that’s true. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations to your daughter and you, Frankie!!! Wow!!! ❀

  4. Frankie – you should be proud, and so should she. Tell her I said “well done!”
    As to mixing drinks – well, that’s the California cure for a hangover, ya know. “Don’t mix your drinks”. I take that to mean that if you start the night drinking beer, gin and tequila; you should stick with beer, gin and tequila. Don’t mix your drinks.

    All the best to you and yours.

  5. A great meditation on the various meanings of pride, Frankie. Congratulations to your daughter (and you & your wife); I’m sure years and years of study and hard work — not to mention parental advice, financial aid, and help! — went into those exam results! Ah, guns. Don’t get me started on that topic. It’s nice to see a gun-control measure successfully working as you’ve described.

  6. Oh, and one more comment, Frankie. “Trifecta” is also commonly used among American college basketball play-by-play announcers (I always presumed commentator Dick Vitale had coined the term, but it’s interesting to know it probably originated in horse-racing), to describe a three-point [or long-range perimeter] shot in basketball. Mr. Vitale has introduced quite an interesting lexicon and number of tropes to basketball, including “diaper dandies” and, I think, “warm up the bus,” possibly the “Cinderella team” terminology as well. If you want to google him, he’s also know as Dickie V and it’s sometimes called “V Speak.” πŸ™‚

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