Getting the priorities in order.

It’s like deja vu. I have too many irons in the fire…again. So I intend to take a break for a while. Gotta get my priorities in order.

If, in the meantime, I think of something that will change the world, you guys will be first to hear about it.

My blog has made it, by some mistake, to the short list of the ‘best humour blogs’ in Ireland. I haven’t worn my funny cap in months. Strange. Best of luck to the remaining participants.

On the car journey home from work today, my workmate and myself were listening to the news on the radio. He had lived across the pond, in Boston, for a few years. He has fond memories of the States, some of which he retells to me on our journeys home.

But today on the radio the newsreader told the heartbreaking tale of a young girl who accidentally shot her gun instructor…with an Uzi !! That’s a submachine gun. It ‘sprays’ bullets.

I will pray that the girl will fully recover from the eyewitness shock of what a gun actually does. The poor girl. May God watch over her.

“…the girl was nine years old,” finished the newsreader.

With that, my workmate starts nodding and goes “And they can’t order a beer until they’re 21.”

Then silence in the car…except for the weather on the radio.

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45 thoughts on “Getting the priorities in order.

  1. I know what you mean about keeping priorities in order. I may soon need to take a digital/technology break myself, as I have let way too many things slide and am so behind on many of my obligations.

    That story of the nine year old girl is heart breaking in so many ways. It’s hard not to get upset when hearing about such a tragedy. When I was nine, I was roller skating, riding my bike, playing jump rope and having tea parties with my friends. Prayers that this little girl will get the therapy she will need to deal with a memory that will most likely scar her for life.

    And on a happier note – Congratulations Frankie on making the short list and best of luck to you and the rest of the participants! πŸ™‚

  2. When I first read your first line, I thought it said, “I have too many lions in the fire…” I need new glasses. Humor — well, don’t underestimate its power or importance or its ability to change the world. Enjoy your break! Maybe when you return I’ll be in Colorado. Meanwhile I’m packing books and wondering why in hell I learned to read! πŸ˜‰

  3. My husband and I were just talking about this today. Awfully tragic and unnecessary. I don’t have a clue what is becoming of parents. My Dad got me a BB gun when I was ten. And taught me himself how to use it shooting at a target near the edge of the woods. We never had a real gun in our house while we were growing up. And I don’t think anyone needs an uzi in their possession. Just my two cents. I’ll miss you Frankie. Good luck with everything.

    • Perhaps something good will rise from this tragedy. Fingers crossed.
      Our country isn’t perfect either, Eric.
      You have a way with words that is influencing people. You show us how nice it ‘could’ be.

  4. I hope you prioritize quickly and come back soon. We’ll miss you! πŸ˜€ That stinks about the gun incident. I just heard another one today about a mom that shot her son in the head then killed herself at the gun range. So sad.

  5. I’ll miss you, Frankie, and will be hoping that you come back soon. I suspect I shall be doing the same for a short while. Dreadfully sad story about the little girl. xx

  6. Yes I read that. Will you hate me for laughing again? I must have been in a dark place?! Or it’s just me. The guy should not have been teaching a young girl to use an uzzi full stop. She has no need for it and he paid for his stupidity and their love of arms over there. But the side of me not worked by Beelzebub knows that he could be a perfectly decent chap who did one thing really stupid that day. And we all do that.

    Congrats on your award nom and we’ll be here when you get back. Drop in and say hi. Don’t leave us saying ‘is TTW okay?’

  7. A very profound comment by your workmate. And a sad reality that anyone would give a gun to a nine year old. I was disgusted when I saw this on the news. P.S. Congrats on making the short list of humorists.

  8. Amen. A shame isn’t it? Just recently I noticed a bill board along the interstate with a smiling gun instructor and a smiling child learning to shoot. I found it a bit disturbing. But they interviewed a gun range instructor on the news last night to assure everyone that they do instruct children all the time and this has never happened before… Anyhow, good commentary on your part!

    Have a good break…I know the feeling of too many irons. I’m trying to not be in here too, but… πŸ˜‰
    And congrats on being on the short list! Don’t stop writing!!!

  9. Don’t be gone too long, Frankie. You have a wonderful and needed voice. I need to read truckers, bricklayers, ironworkers, and other real people who are close to the earth. Thank you.

  10. Yeah, that is just some of the sad gun violence news from the States, and unfortunately it abounds here, but I won’t soapbox on that. I hope your well-deserved break is working out nicely about now. See/read you soon (I hope!)! Cheers. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Frankie – don’t know how often you check this – but I am moving over to Blogspot and will, gradually, be winding my blog on WordPress down. I am continuing to follow a few people, and you are one of them. I look to reading your posts when you return! Ali xx

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