15 years a slave.


Bill and Melinda Gates have just published their new plans for the poor of the world. They plan to give mobile phones to them and turn Africa (and other parts) into a digital money society. “Mobile banking will help the poor transform their lives,” they claimed in their annual letter. The plan will take fifteen years.

“..in the next 15 years digital banking will give the poor more control over their assets..”  Ha! As if!

Anybody in the developed world will be able to decipher that statement as “…in the next 15 years digital banking will give the banks more control over the poor’s assets..”

They go on to say “The key to this will be mobile phones….by 2030, 2 billion people who don’t have a bank account today will be storing money and making payment with their phones.”

I will leave a link to The letter below in which they map out other plans for the poor people, including better education software, hardier crops, more efficient fertilizer (ahem) and new vaccines.

I genuinely want to feel optimistic for the poor but I’m just not feeling it. What I am feeling is “the system” will enslave even more people thanks to this plan. This little blog post will do nothing to stop the madness that is about to flood the third world. While lots of us are trying to unplug from the system and get back to basics it can be hard to accept that others don’t see things our way. We mustn’t stand in the way of progress, old boy! But soon, fifteen years to be exact, there won’t be a corner of the globe left untouched by the globalist psychopaths with their vision for a brave new world.

At the end of The Letter the Gates Foundation asks for our approval by signing up to become a member of the ‘Global Citizen’ club. Y’know, it is starting to look like this New World Order fantasy that the elite used to dream about and the Bible used to warn about is actually starting to click together only I always imagined we would have to be dragged kicking and screaming into it rather than willingly signing up.

In a television interview on MSNBC Melinda Gates, with a straight face, told the viewers “..those people will be able to save tiny amounts of money…they’re not welcome in the banks, but when they’re out on the farm they can save a dollar a day or two dollars a day on their phone..”

So the banks don’t want to meet the poor but they want their dollar via digital transfer? It reminds me of the bank scene in Mary Poppins where the bank owners went through hell to get a young lad to hand over tuppence (two pence).

Once again the serpent sinks its fangs. It truly saddens me to see Africans and other decent people being sold yet again into slavery. Nothing is sacred or off-limits, it seems.

Thank you for reading


The letter – http://www.gatesnotes.com/2015-Annual-Letter?page=0&lang=en

20 thoughts on “15 years a slave.

  1. Of course, Frankie, with serpents, nothing is sacred. One (scant) consolation in my mind is that eventually (and I suspect it may not be in our lifetime) those who prey and live only for their greed and self-serving ideals will eventually face karma or their maker or some due retribution. The Gates’s… of all people. From pillars to soon, pillory. Obviously the mask is translucent.

  2. OMG, Frankie – what a scary and patronising initiative. Thanks for flagging this up and making your point both strongly and humanely – very well said. Great to see you back on here once more. xxx

  3. Thanks for posting this. As a person who’s lived in Africa most of my life, let me say that this little trick by those greedy pigs is so disgusting it doesn’t bear thinking about. The African people who still practise traditional ways, use cattle as a means of wealth. WTF will a mobile phone do??? All that’ll happen, and this is what the ‘gates’ are doing, is that they’ll ENSLAVE them into debt, and take their farms and cattle, then leave them sitting on the sidewalk with a phone. It is so horrifically disgusting and greedy, I am appalled. I LOVE the African people, how DARE they do this to them? They should be tried for crimes against humanity. This is such bullshit, I think a campaign to help the illiterate, uneducated, traditional African’s who know jackshit about this game should happen, so that they spit in that witch and her Dracula’s face when they come to hand out their phones as they rub their hands in glee waiting to take the poor people’s farms when they cannot pay the bills, that they will unwittingly ring up.

    Slavery ALIVE AND WELL!!!!

    • Thank you. I have never been to Africa but I imagine it just as you described it, with their millenia-old traditions. And now the glittery neon world is about to steam roll its way into every tribal village with their brainwash and gadgets. It’s unthinkable what goes on in the heads of the rich and powerful. Those African people have survived since the dawn of time without outside interference.

      • Exactly! and now Bill and Melinda Gates want to give them cell phones to ‘increase’ their wealth???????????? nice way to ‘take their only assets, their land and cattle.

  4. Hi Frankie! I’m taking some time-off from blogging, as life is just too busy, but I come on here occasionally and saw your post on my Reader. I suspect these poor people do not want cell/mobile phones, or any other electronic devises (has Gates even bothered to ask them what they think/want/need?), and they would probably have a difficult time even knowing how to use them anyway. How about the Gates foundation invest in bringing them clean water, medicine, education, electricity, clothes, shoes and other basic needs first? Seems his priorities are backwards to me. Great post!

    • Hi Patty, you haven’t missed much. I haven’t blogged in ages either. I agree, it doesn’t seem like he has their traditions and culture and “true happiness” at heart. Maybe it’s unfair of me laying the blame at entirely at his feet. Perhaps he has been given bad advice, most likely from friends in the mobile phone business and online banking business. But the Gates seem to be the driving force, most likely because they have gained the admiration of the world for their charity donations. I can almost hear the chat amongst the top banksters “Nobody will suspect a thing.”

  5. Genius. Maybe this will enable us to text our charity donations directly to the recipients. They could cash them in. Like a points system. Why bother with NGOs when Gates can do it directly.

    Just when you think these noble rich fuckers can’t get any more awe-inspiring with their audacity.

    Spot on as usual, Frankie. Nice to see you about.

    • Thanks, that sentence, at the very end of your comment, hit the spot. I appreciate it. I hope to catch up with reading other blogs very soon. Hey, it didn’t even cross my mind, the part about texting donations. I will bet you are bang on there. And ‘texts will be subject to an operator’s charge’. I didn’t cop that on. As a sideline, the Vincent Browne roadshow is up our way tomorrow so I might pop in to shake a fist for humanity. Til our next encounter…Nice to be about 🙂

  6. Frankie, wonderful post! “Mobile banking will help the poor transform their lives”. So ridiculous, so laughable, and so sad. Thank you for bringing this lunacy front and center. Take good care.

    Warm Wishes,

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