About Me

I don’t know whether the Holy Spirit has descended on me or I’m simply going through a mid-life crisis but this past seven years have been strange.

I took up writing in 2006. Mostly short stories.

In 2007 I had my Awakening. The world, both visible and invisible, both material and spiritual has never looked the same since. Took up guitar that year also.

In 2008 IΒ  wrote a stage play which won an award (a small one) here in Ireland.

2009 I gave up smoking and ran my first marathon – that was a year to remember.

2010 was spent trying to run faster.

2011, faster still.Β  Loving it!

In 2012 through 2013 I started a movement to show people in Ireland how easy it is to stand up to unfair taxes. Some got it, more didn’t. Laziness was a condition I hadn’t factored into the equation.

2014 I want to concentrate on writing if I can.

I envy (in a good way) those who make a living from their hobby/passion.

I love life, all the ups and downs, and people, all sorts of them.

I don’t do many quotes but here’s one from a man who has been a top advisor to top men. It’s from 1970, the year i was born. I’m still here and so is he. “The challenge for goverments in the future will be to prevent man from effectively discovering his true self. And keeping humanity locked in consumerist materialism.”

If I was to be granted one wish in my lifetime it would be the opposite of the above quote.

Thank you for reading


63 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are a brilliant writer. I feel as though I’ve been invited in to your kitchen for a cup of tea and a good gab when I read your stories. If I were you I would proudly share my blog with anyone who will listen. They’ll surely be “thanking you” for writing it.

    • Thank you Jany. You have excellent taste.
      I will be honest, I like writing about things. I would love to do this all the time. I think my dream job would be writing episodes for a sitcom. Either that or a being a Monk. Seriously. Thank you Janyceresh.

  2. Hey, so my blog is brand new and I don’t know how to use everything yet. Everyone is asking how they follow me… could you tell me if I set it up correct for people to follow? Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Jackie, I can’t believe you are asking my advice. If it doesn’t have wheels I get confused. I have reblogged your page so maybe it will draw extra support. Keep at it. You are a nice writer. If you build it they will come! πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I ask you because I think you are my first fan and based on what you have said in your “about” page, we are very much alike. I also am a little obsessed with Ireland so I think it’s pretty cool! I have notified all my facebook friends of my blog but they are having a hard time figuring out how to follow me. Anyway, thanks again!! I’m sure the more familiar I get with blog pages, the less questions Ill have πŸ™‚

    • I knew there was something; Use tags.
      When you write your post, make sure and tag it with words like Ireland, Tourist, travel writing,
      I think they recommend no more than fifteen words. Just type them in the little box and separate each word with a comma.
      I haven’t a clue about much else. I just like to write. The people on wordpress all seem to want the best for each other.
      And when you are a famous travel writer I will be able to say I spotted her first! In fact, think about compiling a book on your experience in Ireland, aimed at honeymooners!
      Anytime! πŸ™‚

      • Ha, ha. Just read this response. You are awesome. I have started using tags. I have thought of many things… a book, a website, I’d figure I’d start with a blog. That would be funny if I ever did become a famous travel writer! I would totally invite you to one of my “appearances,” introducing you as my first fan!

  4. Wow! You have had a crazy few years! I like the name of your blog, trucking is no cup of tea! I am a trucker’s daughter, totally get it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. The title of your blog pulled me in since my father was a trucker for over 30 years and is now enjoying a lazy retirement. Congratulations on making positive life changes! I will be happily perusing your blog. It’s nice to meet you. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Frankie,

    I know your time is limited, and blogging is certain a time suck. I have been invited to participate in a Blog Tour. It consists of creating a short post, answering four questions, and then asking three other bloggers to participate. Would you be interested in being one of my three? The questions, four in all, are actually really good, and give you the opportunity to talking about yourself and your writing, what you are working on, your genre, why you write, and your process. I don’t usually participate in these types of things as you know, but I thought what the heck. I think it will offer some insight into many other bloggers, and their creative process, which is always inspiring. I would like to extend an invitation to you, please let me know if you would be interested, if so I will give you more of the details. It seems pretty straight forward. My hope is that you will be interested, I enjoy your posts (and miss them) and would look forward to knowing more about your process.

    Happy Easter!


    • Hi Pepper, wow! Thank you so much.
      If the truth be told I miss posting each day. Writing seems easier when I am surrounded by other writers. It’s like I have so much I want to share but am afraid of scaring readers away.
      In daily blogs it is easier to drip it out of my system gradually.
      Just when I think I understand myself, I learn something else.
      Happy Easter to you and yours Pepper, I will be happy to give it a go. Thank you,

      • Frankie,

        Hey, that’s great, thank you. I do miss your posts, but I know what you mean, I have taken a step back as well. I found myself caught up, so much so that other things were being neglected. I’m not a last minute kind of person, so I would like to pass the information your way, so you can allow your self time. Please advise me how you would like to receive the info. I can post it here or email it to you, please let me know.

        Thanks again, good to hear from you,


      • You are so funny. I feel the same way. I just now finished transposing the email I received, with the directions. I’ll have a couple more rereads of it, to make sure it makes sense, although, you know how my mind works. I will send it to your email, a bit more private.

  7. Hi Frankie,
    I love that quote in your intro, it is so true.
    Thanks for ‘liking’ my comment on the police state I made in the discussion on the culture monks blog. I think I’m going to like your blog a lot. πŸ™‚

  8. Frankie, are you doing alright? I’ve been thinking about you lately, hoping you are okay since you haven’t been posting (or commenting on my blog). Let me know.

  9. So Frankie
    I’ve had another award for readership this time. I know I’ve nominated you before but I was specifically keen to pass this in to people whose names and blogs I know. Like a library reference so you had to get a mention.

    I’ve nominated you for an award. Wonderful team membership reader award.

    It’s up to you if you’d like it but it’s basically a thank you for your support!

    • Hi Liz, wow thank you. I will be more than happy to accept it.
      You won’t have to ask twice πŸ™‚
      I have been a bit busy for a day or two (a friend’s 40th birthday party, then my home county, Donegal, won the Ulster gaelic football champiuonship).
      I will catch up tomorrow.
      Thank you so much Liz! x
      Things like that make me feel good.

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