Noah’s Ark

I have heard the name Noah a few times in the past week. Either because of the new movie or my blogger friend Cheryl whose grandchild carries this wonderful name.

Since 2007 strange things, sometimes divine, have been happening in my life.

There was an instance about four or five years ago when a thought popped into my head. At first I thought this “thought” was my own. But later that evening I realised it was planted.

I encourage any new readers to read two posts I wrote explaining planted thoughts by the Holy Spirit (angels etc to some).

Anyway, during my working day I got this idea in my head that maybe Noah’s Ark was the Bible’s way of explaining an Alien vessel landing on earth, saving two of everything and setting them down after the flood. I even considered maybe it was a story about coming from a another planet to earth, if that makes sense.

It’s no harm to entertain thoughts and follow through with research, especially gut research. (I can feel people saying “Cuckoo”)

Later that day when I got home, I skipped dinner and went straight to the computer. I googled “Noah’s Ark Spaceship”. It turns out I wasn’t the first to come up with this theory. There was even a song based on this idea. But anyway, I was guided to something which was accompanied by a confirmation of the truth to me.

In the Bible it says the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. It turns out that there is a mountain in Turkey called Mount Ararat. It looks like the shape of a decomposed boat at the top. And there were also photos of ancient stone anchors around the site.




Just then my wife calls to me that we have visitors. I switch the computer off and go to greet my in-laws. My wife’s nephew has arrived with his parents. He was two years old.

“Show Frankie your new toy,” goes my wife to the kid, Barney.

Barney holds up the toy in his hands. “Look Fwankie, look!” It was a toy Noah’s Ark. It turned out he only got it a couple of hours earlier.

As we all know there are websites on the internet whose purpose is false info and there are websites whose info is true and there are websites whose only mission is to cause confusion.

If this subject interests you check it out. Also check out the chariots found at the bottom of the Red Sea (maybe the parting by Moses actually happened.) I hope you are guided to the truth. The “important” truth.

For the record I believe Aliens exist, whether from here or another planet, whether good or evil. See the post called. But I also believe the devil exists. I will blog about that again, I hope.

These signs happen all the time. I am sure you are being guided too, whether you realise it or not.

I think this is enough for now.

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ps…Barney’s new baby brother was Christened Noah, later that year.

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It had lights!

It had lights!

“That’s exactly like the one I saw.” She said, as cool as a cucumber, then lowered her head back into her book.

To my wife, seeing that flying saucer is right up there with watching cattle grazing and watching paint dry.

I first learned about her close encounter when we were married about two years. That’s four years together, including the two fun years. Four whole years of thinking you know somebody!

The following information came by way of interrogation, which took more out of me than it did her. She would make a terrific spy!

It happened in the late eighties. I could ask her the exact year but she is sleeping at the mo. I dare not even think about waking her on such a trivial issue as alien beings landing on earth.

She was in her late teens. Her life was not yet complete (we hadn’t met). In the small village where she lived, she was walking from her parents’ house to her granny’s house. I don’t know if she was wearing a red riding hood but when she turned the corner at the end of the village, she saw it.

“A saucer shaped thing, like you’d see in a movie, it was all lit up.” She casually commented.

I slapped her again, and screwed the stretching machine up a notch. “What do you mean, lit up?”

“Oh you know, lights all the way around it. It was just sitting there in the field behind granny’s.”

I eventually got it out of her that it might have been the size of a bus, it might have been on the ground, but it might have been hoevering just above the ground, it might have had a window but it was definitely shining brightly.

“I was afraid to look at it. So I put my head down and ran into granny’s house. I told them all inside what I had seen, but when they went out to look it was gone. They didn’t believe me until two days later when the national newspapers were reporting lots of sightings from all over the country.”

So it took four years for her to tell me of that little, run o’ the mill, everyday, commoner garden variety UFO.

She never mentioned it again until one evening last year I was watching a documentry about Roswell or something. She looked up from her book (not a science fiction one) to confirm the identity of the saucer.

“…only mine had lights.” She added.

Off the top of my head, quick answer, that’s one evening I would like to return to if she would take me with her in the time machine. I would bring a camera too.

A selfie with saucer! That would beat all.

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