Thank you Liz!

I have a dream to be self sufficient someday, or at least as close as my will power allows. I’ll admit I am in the wrong job to be preaching about atmospheric pollution. Trucks don’t help the ozone but they pay the kids’ college fees. So…I’m still working on it.

The Dutch are the daddies when it comes to clean living. Anybody who has ever been there will testify to that. I reckon babies born in Holland can cycle before they can walk. Bicycles everywhere!  In fact, the photograph for my blog site was taken in Holland. Those windmills are situated along a dam which keeps the tide out. Everything is planned to perfection. On motorways they even use ‘glow in the dark’ paint for the road markings (white and yellow lines) to save on street lighting.

I dabble a bit in ‘vegetable growing’ at home. Very small scale; a polytunnel and a few other veggie patches here and there.

How d'ya like 'those' apples! I mean strawberries.

How d’ya like ‘those’ apples! I mean strawberries.

On the other hand ‘Green Lizard’s blog’ are the experts. They hail from the land of tulips. Apart from growing their own, they keep chickens etc, and seem to invent new uses for any object. Recycling is their speciality.  Here is a link to the blog site

Liz has bestowed upon me a ‘Thanks for reading’ badge. What a neat way of saying thanks!


I am allowed, in turn, to say thanks to devoted readers of my diesel scented dribble. I am only allowed fourteen so I hope that nobody feels left out.

In fact lots of people will be relieved to be left out. Because by receiving this badge of thanks it means you have to pass the love along to your own readers when you find the time.

Firstly, thanks to those readers who quietly follow by email (mostly friends and family who were never supposed to find out about my blog until my dear wife spilled the beans).

Now, any nominees thankees that decide to abstain from this madness are forgiven. In fact they may have received this badge before. But here…

There are loads more who encourage me by hitting a like button or adding a comment. It’s a pity I am not allowed even three more thankees.

I thrive on encouragement. For years I thought I could be content without it. But when I got a taste of it I realised that it is encouragement which fuels my ambition, my drive…to be the best blogger the internet has ever seen.

Cue the Rocky music..

Thank you for reading and thank you Liz (the only girl in Holland who can’t ride a bike, tut-tut) 🙂




A question.

A question.

I just read something there tonight. It made me wonder about how I come across in words.

Do I come across as having a hidden agenda?

I unfollowed a blog tonight. It just isn’t working out. Difference of opinion. End of story.

I don’t even know why I started a blog now. Am I supposed to have an end goal?

I am 43 working full time as a driver and I some days feel like writing about something and some days I don’t. It’s that simple.

I have a young family and I don’t like the world this generation is setting them up for. It worries me what society will be like for them and any grandchildren that come along. That’s the truth. That’s my worry. At times this will come out in my posts.

As anybody who followed me from the start, a couple of months ago, will know, I used to write silly wee stories.  I love humour. But I find this increasingly difficult when the world is marching straight on into the abyss where the material things are the main things.

In this world where everything seems to be a competition, where does it leave somebody who isn’t competitive? And do I come across like I have an agenda? And does anybody else blog about matters that affect the whole world? And what are their solutions?

I feel closer to the Holy Spirit this past few years. I am all for meditating and praying but when I open my eyes the world looks the same messed up, greedy place, and my kids still have to endure “the system”.

Thank you for reading


The Emperor’s new clothes.

The Emperor’s new clothes.

Jealously is a female trait.

I can state this with confidence because I am married to one. Some of the things that go on inside the female mind, you would not believe.

Jealousy isn’t an emotion. It’s a disease!

For instance, let’s take a typical car journey. To anywhere. Into town, even.

We are passing some females, jogging, in their lycra shorts.

I spot them before she does. WRONG! She has spotted them long before me.

As we pass them she goes “The one on the inside…is my bum bigger than hers, or would you say the same size?”

Listen up guys, she left out the third option. It’s a trap. Always answer with the third option.

“Hers isn’t big. But yours is smaller.” And I say it with a straight face! I will burn in hell yet.

Leaving my good wife and her tiny bum out of it for a while, let me tell you about some of the females from my job.

I could be delivering to one of my usual grocery stores and happen to strike up a conversation with a girl from the shop next door, while she is out having a cigarette break or whatever. If she happens to make me laugh, God have mercy on her.

“I see you were chatting to that one next door.”

“Yeah, she is funny.” I would answer.

“Don’t be fooled by her. Sometimes she comes in here, to our shop, and she has no manners whatsoever! So cheeky!”

The thing is, I would already have copped on that she was cheeky. Ladies…guys notice things too. We can sort the nice from the nasty.

I have asked my wife just now if she thinks I am a jealous person. She answered “No, definitely not.”

I can’t speak for anybody but myself. I don’t think I suffer from jealousy. I believe that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I would like to be somewhere else, like a full time writer, but I have a feeling I am right where I am meant to be.

I admire people who succeed in attaining their dream lifestyle. But sometimes I think there is something they are sacrificing. Perhaps even sacrificing normality.

Normality is good, most of the time.

There is a first time for everything. I notice other bloggers ask questions, from time to time. This is my first question. You can lable it jealousy, or stupidity or whichever.

I am only here six weeks and I have missed a lot. Why do some posts which only contain perhaps three sentences get hundreds of Likes?

I am guessing those bloggers have proven their worth umpteen times in the past. But would I be crucified in asking Where are the emperor’s clothes?

I mean I have seen posts which go “Got up this morning. I feel great.” or something like that which have over one hundred Likes in the space of a few hours. Are these homeless people who deserve credit for making a remark like that?

I am not trying to rock the boat. Just interested, jealously, I mean genuinely.

Thank you for reading,


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