Thank you Lita

Thank you Lita



First of all Thanks to Lita( )

She has given me The Versatile Blogger badge, and well deserved I might add. I am worth it.

She is the sort who genuinely wants the best for every new blogger. It’s not forced though, it comes natural to her. Cheers Lita.

Now I have to mention seven random things about myself.

1 : I believe Jesus was on a world tour during the missing eighteen years. Not to learn from, but to teach those who would listen. I have reason to believe he was in Ireland.

2 : I am facinated by the spiritual beliefs and understandings of ancient Ireland. I mean thousands of years ago.

3 : I am happiest when I am conversing with people. Or else alone on a mountain or in a forest.

4 : I care for neither fame nor fortune. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

5 : Actions impress me way more than words. Leading by example impresses me.

6 : I can’t watch a mouth to mouth revival scene on telly or in movies.

7 : I am a hypocrite. I am not that good at being Christian. But I kick myself for it each time.

So now I have to pass this on to a few people. I think I am allowed fifteen.

I know there are bloggers who have so many awards that they don’t need another right now, so I have crossed a few off. Also there are those who need encouragement. Then there are those who are simply gifted. And lastly there are those who are too beautiful in their prose for a trucker to appreciate. Blame me if you’re not on the list. Not yourself.

In no particular order (apart from Cheryl who is practically my manager ) This Lady is the wordpress answer to Leonardo Da Vinci. Feel like I knew this lady for years. She was there man! The best short story teller. End of. This young lady is a welcome breath of fresh air. One to watch for the tourist. Up the Irish! Just love this blog. Everything about it. A man’s man. The earth moves for this lady. I like this site. Quirky. And Irish. Thanks for the encouragement. Nice posts here. Half Irish, all talent. Cheers Ana

That’s fifteen. You guys and gals can do the fifteen or less or whatever.

Thank you Lita

Thank you for reading




“Ladies and Gentlemen, elected by an overwhelming majority, the likes of which has never before been seen in this town, I give you your designated driver, your new mayor, Trucker Frankie!”

Hmm, What would be the first thing I would do?

I am lucky to live on the ouskirts of a smallish town where lots of us know each other. But in recent years I notice a very strange phenomenon. Sometimes when I do be out walking or jogging I might chance upon a Fair Maiden or Knightly Nobleman.

“Hello.” says I.  But no reply is forthcoming.

I ask you, what manner of creature is this world creating? How hard can it be to say Hello. I could be wrong but I think this trend has spread outward from the big cities. I do realise it would be impossible to say Hello or Hi to every man, woman and child on a busy footpath (sidewalk) in the big cities. But there are no excuses in the quieter areas.

For instance on a recent visit to a large city I found myself travelling on the street train (Tube, Metro, Subway). I was sitting alone when a lady, mid twenties, hopped on and made her way to the seat directly opposite me. She looked everywhere except at me. When I did eventually catch her eye I nodded and smiled.

Well, I might as well have flashed at her, or told her I would eat her liver with some Fava beans and a nice Chianti, given half a chance, because she immediately rustled about in her bag for a magazine to hide behind. She found one. It was called…Hello and probably full of stories and articles about people using actual dialogue, as opposed to telepathy, to communicate with each other.

It isn’t fair on my part to be singling her out. Maybe she was shy. But it beats me how modern society will watch movies or read books which show strangers striking up conversations with each other on every second page and yet in their own personal lives they feel it’s normal to look everywhere except at other humans when they are out and about. Some folk would sooner cross the road to cuddle a stray dog with possible Rabies!

There is a song stuck in my head all week; The theme tune from Cheers. I like the sentiment of it. I get a nice feeling when somebody goes the extra mile and greets me by Name. I try to do this myself when I happen to pass somebody whose name I know. Like “Hello Mary” or “Hey John”.

In an age where the governments of the world refer to their citizens by Number rather than by Name I think we should remind each other that we are More than just a number in their little tax book (there’s a song in that).

Our town isn’t too bad in this regard, just yet, but I would like to nip it in the bud. So…

“Now hear this. As your new Mayor I will personally put to death, without trial, anybody who doesn’t show some compassion for his or her fellow townsfolk.”

That should get them talking!

Thank you for reading


Here is the Cheers song for those too young to remember the show:

Amazing forgiveness

Amazing forgiveness


“What mercy can there be for me, a wretch?”

Those words were uttered by an athiest onboard a sailing ship in 1748. The ship was being ripped to shreds by a north Atlantic storm. There was a hole in the hull and she was taking on water. After hours of bailing out water he cried “Lord have mercy on us.” The words surprised even him.

On the 8th of April 1748 the wind blew the ship to Ireland, to my town, to safety.

The man was a slave trader. He later went on to change his ways and write the song Amazing Grace. You can research the rest of his story if you are intersted.

The part I find amazing is that song sounds best when it is sung, not by white people, but by those whose ancestors were once the enslaved. Such forgiveness! Such inspiration!

I live in a town called Buncrana. I run on the beach were he would have kissed the ground. I can sometimes feel what he felt, Grace.

And sometimes I just feel exhausted.

Thank you for reading