The Daddy!

I touched one for the first time last Saturday. My hand trembled as I stroked her. I had waited a long time for this moment.

You must understand that throughout my boyhood I had only ever seen one in the centre-fold of a magazine. But no glossy picture in an 80’s magazine could have prepared me for her beauty, in the flesh. She was, she is, gorgeous!

You’ve guessed it. I am talking about the ‘Audi Sport Quattro – short wheel base’. The daddy of d’Audi.

The face of beauty

The face of beauty

..and the behind...phwoarr!

..and the behind…phwoarr!


God’s gift to car enthusiasts. Only 214 were ever made. 175 were sold to the public. The rest were converted to rally cars or used for test purposes.

Audi already had the longer wheel base Quattro in production for a few years and these were also very successful in rally format. But zee german auto company vanted to build zee ‘ultimate’ rally car. The rally rules stated that a car had to have a production run of at least 200 vehicles before it could be used for competition. Hence the 214.

I will leave it that. I am a bit of an anorak on 80’s  Audi and VW cars. I have owned lots of those brands in years gone by. I even went though a period of rally driving also. She was a little Mk 1 golf. Good memories. Back when I had some money. Back before the children needed trivial things like…I don’t know…shoes and food.

Hello children, goodbye rally car.

Hello children, goodbye rally car.

So anyway last Saturday I came face to face with both a road version and a rally version of the delicious ‘Sport Quattro SWB’ at a car show.

Suspicious looking spouse.

Suspicious looking spouse.

“Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. There is just one thing I would like…”  Joking aside, it was nice to meet my dream car in person. I think we all have one, or used to, at one time.

I have included a short video clip of an Audi in action during the golden years of rally, when men were men and tyres were cheap.

It should have been me in that video…if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!

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That is a word I have been hearing every night for the past five years.

Like most people, I dislike the feeling of being used. But there is a person who leaves me with this feeling every night. The sick part is, I don’t mind.

She is always second-last to bed. I am always the last, even when I try to be first.

I have had many a late night conversation with her since she was old enough to talk. We would flick through all the news channels on telly until something grabbed our attention. For whatever reason she felt like she was in charge of our house. Not me, nor my wife. She was the boss.

Even when the others (her newborn sisters) arrived she would dictate where everybody would sleep, who sat where in the car, how the chicken nuggets would be divided. She ruled the roost.

I remember one time when she was getting too big for her boots, at the ripe old age of three, my wife swung the car into the driveway of our local orphanage.

“That’s it! Out you get.” She said.

Our little rascal laughs aloud, “You’re funny, Mammy!” She knew who was boss.

She is now 17, I think. After summer she will, most probably, be moving out to a third level college somewhere. She fancys herself as a Scientist. I can see it also. I hope her dreams come true.

I will miss her. I will, believe it or not, miss her bossy behaviour. Each night, around about now, she will get up from her chair and head for bed. Then she pops back within minutes and throws me a Hot water bottle (in winter) and says “Daddy, tea and a water bottle!”

I tried to refuse plenty of times but I always end up doing as she says. She makes false promises like “..this will be the last time.” or “I feel sick Daddy, just do it, thanks.”

I always fall for it. I drag myself away from the news (what they want us to believe) and put the kettle on.

Each night as I set the mug down on her bedside table, she goes “Sucker!” I will miss that after summer. I will also miss the way she calls after me, on my way back to the news, “Love you Daddy!”

Speak of the Devil. Here she comes, water bottle in hand. I don’t give her a chance to ask. I just hold my hand out and take it from her.

“Good man, you’re learning.” Comes her reply.

What a sucker I am!


Three weeks of blogging. I could get used to this. 🙂 Cheers to all those who give it a go.

And thanks to my blogging friends.

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