Walking not crawling.

Walking not crawling.


Everybody is brave until fear makes them crawl.

That’s the way I see people since I’ve had my awakening back in 2007. This “modern society” has plenty to say about this religion or that religion (so long as both religions are Christian who turn the other cheek). Pussy Riot wouldn’t jump around in a different temple and get off so light. I am a nice friendly person by nature. I always was. I don’t get jealous. I want the best for everybody. I try to be a Christian, in my actions if not my words.

I sound too good to be true. But it is true. It sounds like self praise to anybody who has ever been jealous. That’s not my problem. I try my best not to be a hypocrite.

Tying in with the week that is in it, Yesterday I happened to open a tiny Bible I have at a page called The acts of the apostles. I can’t rhyme off the chapters etc like the preachers, but it was in the days after the resurrection. Peter and John were walking towards the temple. A cripple was sitting by the road begging. The two apostles had been told that they too could heal people and cast out hatred from a person, if they did it in His name. So they healed the guy there and then with all the confidence of people who knew the truth. Jesus had told them “I am the way the truth and the life, nobody comes to the Father except through Me.” So I guess He meant that even when a non-Christian dies, that person will have to meet Him in the tunnel of light or wherever on their way home to the Father.

There is so much emphasis put on truth and bravery in the world since then. There have been songs and poems and blogs written about these qualities. But here’s the part that gets me. Less than 1% will actually preach the truth when they discover it. I’m not even talking about religious truth. I’m talking about the truth that can set innocent people free from the mental prison that is the modern world.

In around the same time that the Holy Spirit had started to guide me and show things to me, I watched a youtube documentary called Loose Change. From that  moment on I learned about more corruption and murder and fake murder and double agents and illegal wars (is there any other kind) and taxes on the back of any global “crisis”.

I LEARNED ALL THIS FROM THE INTERNET!!  (the thing you are now on) I cannot be the only person with a conscience.

Please start to awaken your bravery people! For the respect of those innocent who are now dead. It’s never too late to change.

Maybe just add the name of an interesting documentary at the bottom of one of your posts now and again. It might wake the right reader up.

Be a born again human. 

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ps…I saw an interesting documentary on youtube called “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon.”

Holding back the dark.

Holding back the dark.

A very quick post.

My wife and myself were on a tour today with our local History/Heritage and Archaeology group.

While I was going through a few photos, just now, I spotted one which wasn’t planned but, only upon seeing it now, I think it has a message of some sort.


I was acting the maggot pretending to try straighten up the high cross. Look at the sky. Is the Lord hard at work against the dark side? Or is it a sign of rain?

This is the site of one of the first monasteries in Ireland. At first glance all that remain are two large crosses. Here is a feature from the website of my local club. It tells of a recent excavation. http://www.buncranahistory.com/wordpress/?p=976

If you are not into ancient history I understand. Personally I find it facinating, especially pre-Christian times, how they lived, thought and died.

I try to spend lots of days in places like this. Roll on summer!

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Here are some more from other places today.







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Thank you Cheryl!

Thank you Cheryl!

How d’ya like these apples?

I got a sweet surprise yesterday evening when my best blogging friend and total arty genius, Cheryl from http://tropicalaffair.me/, gave me this little trophy



I am totally worthy of it.

Cheryl is an all rounder. All the arts, it seems, plus she has been very very encouraging to me from day one, as have lots of other bloggers.

I genuinely thrive on encouragement. But don’t spoil me, bloggers. Make me work for it 🙂

The ball is now in my court. I have been granted seven wishes. No awkward question and answer sections attached to this little trophy. All that is required is to nominate seven beautiful bloggers. (note to the male nominees – I think you are beautiful in a non scary way)

http://theimportanceofbeingedited.wordpress.com/ Timothy offers some great advice and editing help here.

http://book414.wordpress.com/ Recce has the best running inspiration vids.

http://betweentruthandhope.com/ Jen makes perfect sense.

http://wideawakebutdreaming.wordpress.com/ Cassidy is going places.

http://suespen2paper.com/ Sue shares her grace and wisdom here.

http://audreyhepburnbooks.wordpress.com/ Yazmin is well worth a read.

http://meanderedwanderings.wordpress.com/ Another Timothy will help you to edit your soul.

All great blogs. It was a very hard to decide on seven. I wish it could have been seventy-seven.

Sincere thanks for reading,