Going too crazy!

There is a difference between going crazy and going too far. Tonight I will do one or the other, you decide.

These days Going Crazy means drinking too much or spending too much or taking selfies in a different environment. It’s all about me, me, me.

“Hey look, How crazy am I? I am giving out stink to the governments of the “Free World” and of the “Western World,” and me a big Mega Pop star. Cheer for me when I punch the sky.”

In my opinion, that’s what goes on the mind of Bono and his like, these days. Just this evening he gave a speech in Dublin to the effect of We, the Irish, sure showed how tough we are by allowing ourselves to be financially raped by the big bankers of the world.

The crowd clapped. The crowd were carefully chosen. Put it like this, there were no folks scraped from their sleeping bags (homes) on the street. I am all for positive thinking. But I dislike hypocracy, most likely, because I am one myself. A few years ago I was this guy’s biggest fan. He wrote the best lyrics, he sung like he meant every word, he had it all. I grew up listening to this man and his band. He sang about injustice all over the world but when the crap hit the fan in his own country, himself and Sir Bob vanished!! Until now, when there are OscarsĀ  up for grabs and trips to the Moon if you have enough MONEY to go there.

As I said, I am just another run of the mill hypocrite. Maybe, if I were as famous, I would forget the important things in life and try to explain it away with politics. I always remember a line I read from a lecture transcript given by the late Richard P. Feynman during the sixties (before my time). He was a real hot shot in the science world. He came full circle from being a believer, to an atheist, to a believer. “People are weak! It takes more than the right conscience to produce the correct behaviour!”

In other words, it takes willpower to overcome the temptations laid in front of you by likes of the guy mentioned in my About Me page. Willpower, let’s all practice it people! The next generation will thank us.

That was me being crazy. I hope it qualifies for the ‘Daily Prompt’ catagory thing. There is a song which rings true in relation to this; We Are Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get A Little Crazy.

Get Crazy, sometimes.

Two weeks into the Land of Blog. I have to thank all those who have egged me on by means of Likes and Comments. What a week! There were a lot of thought provoking prompts. But that’s the beauty of writing. Ups and Downs.

I am singing to the Choir now so I will quit. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

Thank you for reading