The News! Ha!

The News! Ha!

“At some stage in their lives most men will stumble upon the truth, but most men will pick themselves up and stumble onward.”

Winston Churchill said that, or something to that effect. Even though I wouldn’t be a fan of his, that statement was so true.

The thing that drives me crazy is the news. The news should be re-named ‘the lies’.

The thing that bugs me even more than the news are the people who believe it.

The thing that bugs me even more than the people who believe it, are the people who know it’s lies and choose to pretend.

I could post links to youtube videos showing proof that the bigger the channel, the bigger the lie.

Like the reporter telling that the third tower had fallen, then suddenly being cut off mid report when they realised it was still standing, behind her, in the background. That same third tower which never appeared once in the commission report. Why? Watch the video of the thing falling.

Or the news channel that showed “live pictures” of crowds in Libya during the “rebellion”. Which was a recording from India!!

And why do the “experts” always get interviewed with a well stocked library shelf in the background, while the “nonconformists” get interviewed in a car park or in the middle of their breakfast? Because a picture says a thousand words.

I could post links but then that would spoil the dream.

If anybody wants both sides of the coin, go to youtube, because you will only ever get tales on telly. Not one news report is trustworthy to me anymore.

I did want to type something humourous for today’s prompt but the news is a serious matter. Some men and women sign their lives away based on it. That’s not on.

The prompt asks, What can I do to prevent it from happening?

I don’t know, perhaps pretend it’s not happening? It seems to work for others.

Winston hit the nail, with his statement.

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