A question.

A question.

I just read something there tonight. It made me wonder about how I come across in words.

Do I come across as having a hidden agenda?

I unfollowed a blog tonight. It just isn’t working out. Difference of opinion. End of story.

I don’t even know why I started a blog now. Am I supposed to have an end goal?

I am 43 working full time as a driver and I some days feel like writing about something and some days I don’t. It’s that simple.

I have a young family and I don’t like the world this generation is setting them up for. It worries me what society will be like for them and any grandchildren that come along. That’s the truth. That’s my worry. At times this will come out in my posts.

As anybody who followed me from the start, a couple of months ago, will know, I used to write silly wee stories.  I love humour. But I find this increasingly difficult when the world is marching straight on into the abyss where the material things are the main things.

In this world where everything seems to be a competition, where does it leave somebody who isn’t competitive? And do I come across like I have an agenda? And does anybody else blog about matters that affect the whole world? And what are their solutions?

I feel closer to the Holy Spirit this past few years. I am all for meditating and praying but when I open my eyes the world looks the same messed up, greedy place, and my kids still have to endure “the system”.

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Truth hammer.

Truth hammer.

The WordPress prompt today asks if there is any trade I would like to learn.

I would like to learn how to snap my fingers like the hypnotist when he brings a person back. That would be so easy and less stressful for me. Sometimes I go through a frustrated patch where I feel like the only sober person in a bar. You know, where a guy mumbles gibberish and the only person who understands him is the guy swaying from side to side and nodding.

I hope that made sense. It was probably a poor choice of simile given that nobody enjoys beer more than me.

Although, I am a qualified motor mechanic, as most of my blog friends know, I am currently trucking. Not currently as in right now at this moment.

I am lucky in that I have one of those minds that suits finding problems and planning a solution. That is the most important thing to being a good mechanic. The ability to stop and think before you go racing ahead with the spanners and fixing the wrong thing.

I don’t know what mechanics are like in other countries but I have seen time and again in Ireland the mechanic who diagnoses the problem without having even looked at the vehicle. You know, the sort who talks like he “has seen it all before”.

So my simple message to anybody who has a problem with their car is trust the guy or gal who says nothing until he finds the problem.

This short video sums up what I feel like doing with my truth hammer. Sometimes grease just won’t work to make it slide through.

Sorry if I bruised your head. It’s for the best. 🙂

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Phew! Let’s just say the world record is safe enough, for now.

It is hard to get back into a routine. Running is like any hobby. Like blogging, even. Once the routine is broken it can be quite hard, for me at least, to get back into it.

I am pretty sure being friendly would seem like a chore if I didn’t practice it on a regular basis. I don’t think there is any real knack to making friends or being friendly. It’s just one of those things, use it or lose it.

Another thing we will lose if we don’t use is the right to say “No”. As some of you will know I had my own experience of standing up to the man. 

The lack of foresight in most people today is scary. They don’t seem to understand that saying nothing registers in the mind of a government as saying “Yes”. That is the reality of politics today. And very very soon the “system” will be running the show, not the politicians, not the lawmakers, not the people. We will be all so brainwashed into a certain way of living that changing the system won’t even enter our heads. Having a choice won’t enter our heads.

I used to get so wound up trying to waken the world. Nowadays I just take it in my stride. I can’t compete with the might of the mainstream media and the 3D goggles. Perhaps if I didn’t have children I wouldn’t care so much. Being a parent I will always worry about my children and their children and the system we sign them up for.

All my worries and stress seem to vanish when I am running. Perhaps it’s the heavy breathing.

There’s nothing like gasping for air to focus the mind!

Air is the fuel I need to live. And yet I didn’t appreciate it, most of the time. It was only since I started running a few years ago that I started to see air in a different light. Now I marvel at the stuff, especially running uphill, I can’t get enough of it.


The London marathon is on telly tomorrow morning. It should be a good one. A star studded line up in both the male and female categories.  My money is on the new kid. The eighteen year old Ethiopian, Tsegaye Mekonnen, ran his first marathon in Dubai back in January in a time of 2hrs 4mins 32secs. He won that race. Crazy speed for a first timer! Even crazier, he says he could have ran faster.

Luckily for Tsegaye I have signed up for a local half-marathon race tomorrow afternoon. I could have put the cocky little youth back in his place.

Dream on. But I will take comfort from knowing that we both use the same fuel.

Hey…just realised, we are all connected after all. All together, breathe in…hold…and breathe out.

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Stubborn or Stupid? Ask me in a few years.

Stubborn or Stupid? Ask me in a few years.

There is a plain red flag outside my house. I can see it from here.

“It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home.” Those are the exact words the leader of our country said before he got elected. After he got elected, he taxed every single home.

I remember back in early 2012 the news broke that the new government were to start taxing every residence in the country. So what services could we expect in return? Nothing! It was pay up or else! They didn’t care how tough the people were getting it.

Of course each day, as I drove along the highways and byways, the radio chat shows would be kept busy with callers discussing the most unfair tax since the middle ages. The people didn’t mind paying for a service like getting clean water or having bins collected but they were expected to pay and keep paying for a home which they had already paid plenty tax on at the initial purchase.

I can still hear those callers in mind’s ear; What are we going to do? The poor poor people of Ireland and The poverty and The drudgery and The best of times and the worst of times and Oliver Twist and Orphan Annie and The Famine and Wouldn’t our forefathers be spinning in their graves and..

I was spinning in my head listening to it. Some people had organised a few protest marches so I went along to put my shoulder to the wheel. Personally I didn’t have the money for any more taxes, between putting kids through college and paying a mortgage etc.

I was disgusted with the turnout at those marches. It turned out that the modern Irish person is all talk. This was no Tahrir Square. This was pathetic.

An Idea came to me that if Muhamad can’t make it to the mountain…you know the rest.

I suggested that those who have a problem with the home tax should dig into the wardrobe to find an old red tee-shirt or similar. Make for themselves a red flag and errect it outside. Marches are fine but a flag protests 24/7 leaving you free to live your life. Simple!

I got speaking on local and national radio stations about it. I had a Facebook page dedicated to it which was very popular. My wife and children bought red material and made lots of flags which were handed out free of charge, to get the ball rolling.

Everybody I spoke to thought the idea was so simple yet so effective. The local government politicians would be red faced everywhere they went. The anger of the people would be flapping in their face everyday.

It didn’t catch on. Why? I discovered there is an attitude, at least among the modern Irish, of “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Tomorrow came and by then it was too late. A community divided was no match for the might of the government who later came on telly with statements like “The people of Ireland are happy to pay their share. There was no resistance to this home tax.”

And as you can guess, the poor poor people are still on the radio with their violins and tales of woe. Because this year the tax is being increased, and in addition it has been announced that they are considering taxing Grandparents for minding their Grandchildren. I kid you not.

I don’t know if I would call myself Stubborn but some of us still keep the flag flying as a reminder to others how easy it could have been.

For the foreseeable future the tail will wag the dog in this country, because the dog is all bark with no teeth.


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