All aboard!

All aboard!


Have you ever stood beside a railway track and marveled at the work that went into building it? I am sure you have.

The thing about railway tracks is that they aren’t in your face like most structures. They stay grounded. They don’t demand attention.

The pattern of the sleepers stays the same from A to Z.

I wonder if I were to remove a sleeper, using a chain saw or whatever, would it be catastrophic?

It might well prove to be, if for instance that particularĀ  sleeper was at a critical joining point between two rail sections. The shockwave would reverberate to the next sleeper, and the next, and so on until eventually all sleepers would be shaken, and less than sound.

There is a common piece of advice offered to young, newly married couples around the world. I have heard this piece of advice numerous times, at weddings, in movies, in books etc.

“Never go to sleep without first sorting out any disagreements between yourselves. ”

That advice is pretty good for any person, single or married.

I remember one time I was a bit upset with somebody. I let them know how I felt. I went to sleep and when I awoke the person was dead.

It took a long long time to sleep properly after that. My final words to the person haunted me for a long time. I have served my sentence.

I’m hunky dory now! As you can tell.

So my advice on sleeping is simple. Make peace before you close your eyes. A clear mind is better than any sleeping drug.

A railway track looks pretty boring when it’sĀ  finished. But I like to imagine the thing being built. People, even with their differences of opinion, working together making their way forward to the final destination. And a good night’s sleep at the end of each day.


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