In a roundabout way

In a roundabout way

Sometimes I could strangle her!

I arrived home to a packed house, just now. Fridays are always a free-for-all in our house. My nieces and nephews and their parents all stop by for tea and a chat on their way back from shopping in town. So it’s always a nice welcome home at the end of the week.

“Hey, there he is,” goes my brother-in-law, as I reach into the fridge for a beer. Then it happens. From the other corner of the kitchen my wife’s voice rises above everybody.

“Oh did I tell you about Frankie?” and her as proud as punch.

Time stood still. Please God, please! Don’t let her tell them. I looked over in her direction. I could see her mouth moving but it was in slow motion. Just like a movie when it slows down for dramatic effect.

“Fraaankieee staaarted aaa blllogggg.”

Talk about Twilight Zone! I hadn’t felt time slow this much since one night I stumbled out of  a “smoking café” in Amsterdam.

Then came the questions; What do you blog about? What is it called? Do people follow your posts?

I dismissed the blog as nothing. Just a spot of meaningless scribbling to plug a gap in the evening. I think I threw them off the scent, fingers crossed.

But I know my darling will bring it up again at a later date. Believe me, she will, I just know. So I reckon it’s best pull my socks up from now on and get some structure to this dribble.

Earlier today I got another shock. I met a car coming the wrong way around a roundabout. I managed not to drive over him and he managed to find an exit before a tragedy occurred. Male drivers! Tut-tut.

Apparently there are no roundabouts in the USA. As far as I know Traffic Lights rule the day, over there. I am coming to the end of my first week of blogging and I want to say a public Thank you to anybody who has given me encouragement by way of a Like or Comment or what have you. I really appreciate it. And I hope to write quality blogs instead of just acting the maggot. There are lots of top shelf writers on WordPress. By top shelf  I don’t mean those, you know,  magazines. I mean top quality literature. I hope to learn from all here.

I would like in a roundabout way to give a wee mention to a girl from Louisiana, USA, who has been more than generous with her advice and comments thus far. She is one of those who try their hand at all the arts and in my opinion make it look it easy. Looking at her paintings and poems you would never guess she speaks Cajun and chews tobacco just like ringing a bell!

I better go back out and face the music. I’ll tell them I blog about the roundabout of life. Where we come in, do a lap then exit, hopefully without having killed anyone. Isn’t that right, Darling?

Thank you for reading