Paddy Power! Against all odds.

Paddy Power! Against all odds.

What are the odds on this?

I am driving along in my truck yesterday, somewhere in Ireland, as usual. I have the radio on, as usual. The daily chat show is on, as usual. The people from all corners of the country are phoning in to tell how hard they have it, as usual.  Then the Managing director of the largest chain of betting shops comes on to defend the indefensible. He has started taking bets on the outcome of a well publicised murder trial which is taking place in another country.
“It’s a novelty bet,” he said in response to the radio host and the callers who disagreed. “The people want this,” he added.

What are the odds on a man being this far removed from his humanity? I hope against hope that the betting public will redeem themselves. By opening a book on the outcome of a murder trial shows what he thinks of his customers.

My daughters have read a series of books called The Hunger Games. The story is set in the very distant future. The are two classes of people; Upper and lower than low. Fights to the death are held and televised live! People follow it like the talent shows of today. It sounds unimaginable. Unusual even.

One question.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”


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