Pressure relief valve.

Pressure relief valve.

“…and if you come to bed early it might be worth your while.”

That’s what she said only five minutes ago. It is now 20:20 hours and she is usually asleep by 22:00 – that’s 10pm to the layman. You will undersatnd if I don’t dilly-dally to smell the daisies.

Like all good lovers I like to impress by smelling good, even when I’m not in the mood (I’m always in the mood). So I will have to shower after my daily travels.

But as fate would have it there is already a spanner in the works. We are entertaining visitors just this moment, I haven’t yet had my daily Jog, and I want, I mean have, to write my daily blog.

Update: Time 20:43   I have taken a break from entertaining. The plan is as follows, I will get dressed in my shorts and running gear, go back to the sitting room, offer my apologies and hit the road.

My root, I mean route, will be the same as always but I reckon I can knock a few minutes off my best time because earlier I read a poem, on WordPress, about spooky things. It is dark outside and I can’t get the poem out of my head. Eeek! There will be speed.

Upon my return, the visitors will be gone. I might, I mean will, just have enough time to get showered and dried before M’Lady will be gone to the land of nod.

I can see it now. This hole, I mean whole, plan going like spooning…honey.

And you ask if I can work well under pressure? Only in Emergencies!

You better believe it.

Time 21:00 hours

I am out of here.


Thank you for reading